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Bridget Johnson - Green Girl Recycling

Bridget Johnson

Founder & CEO

Green Girl Recycling

Location: Jamestown

Founded: 1998

Industry: Waste | Recycling Services

As the founder & CEO of Green Girl Recycling, Bridget Johnson envisions leaving behind a company that was built on her passion for helping the Earth as her legacy. “My personal legacy is one of being a good citizen, leader and environmental advocate,” said Johnson. “Ultimately, my legacy is one of leaving a lasting impact on the environment and inspiring others to join the cause.”

Green Girl Recycling is a successful recycling company in Colorado providing recycling, composting, paper shredding and hard-to-recycle services.

As a Hall of Fame Titan 100, Johnson has made an impact with significant accomplishments in the State of Colorado and the waste industry. Since she was first named a Titan 100, Johnson won a CDPHE Grant to expand recycling services into the underserved Eastern regions of the state and address the lack of recycling access. This has led to 150 new accounts.

“Witnessing the positive impact this initiative has made on individuals and communities has been truly gratifying,” said Johnson. “It has reinforced my belief that even a single person with a dream and unwavering dedication can bring about meaningful change.”

Looking forward, Johnson said her five-year vision revolves around granting access to even more hard-to-reach areas of the state with recycling services.

Passion drives the team at Green Girl Recycling, said Johnson. “We genuinely love what we do and are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment,” she said. “I take immense pride in fostering an employee team and culture that is excited about advancing our services.”

By prioritizing open communication, professional growth opportunities and team-building activities, Johnson has created an environment where colleagues genuinely enjoy working together. “Seeing my team’s enthusiasm and dedication has taught me the importance of nurturing a supportive work culture, as it leads to increased productivity, innovation and overall job satisfaction,” she said.

With each accomplishment over the years, Johnson said she has learned that success is not achieved solely through tenacity but also through true boots-on-the-ground dedication. “It is by actively engaging with our community and consistently striving to exceed expectations that we can make a lasting impact,” she said. “These experiences have shaped me into a leader who is committed to creating positive change, one recycling customer at a time.”

Johnson said her advice to the next generation of leaders is to be an integral part of the team. “Get dirty, don’t be afraid of the ditches, and be in them with your team,” she said. “It’s where you stand out from your competition.”

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“Seeing my team’s enthusiasm and dedication has taught me the importance of nurturing a supportive work culture, as it leads to increased productivity, innovation, and overall job satisfaction.”


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