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Brennen Mcmullin Quickbox Fulfillment

Brennen McMullin

Chief Financial Officer

QuickBox Fulfillment

Location: Denver

Founded: 2017

Industry: Logistics & Transportation

According to Brennen McMullin, the most rewarding part of his role as the CFO is fostering a team within the latitude to own and execute activities as individual leaders at each level from an associate to an executive. “My mentor, friend and former superior at QuickBox, Kathleen Neuheardt, did the same for me as a leader,” said McMullin. “I am proud of the opportunity to pay it forward by providing professional development opportunities for the team I lead at QuickBox.”

QuickBox Fulfillment is a third-party fulfillment logistics provider that receives and stores inventory, and then ultimately fulfills online orders for a variety of e-commerce businesses, with a focus on health, beauty and lifestyle products. Where others are using technology to eliminate headcount, QuickBox has doubled down on client services and human support roles that create a value-added fulfillment experience to complement great technology and data analytics.

The firm launched as a small fulfillment warehouse that doubled in size in 2020 amidst the pandemic’s demands on the supply chain. McMullin joined the company shortly after to help lead the company to its growth from a small warehouse in Denver to a national footprint across the U.S. via M&A with organic expansion in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Jersey and Miami.

After becoming Colorado’s largest second-chance employer in 2020, the business doubled down on what sets it apart as a service provider in logistics, embracing white glove, attentive client experiences with best-in-class technology and automation to complement, not replace, high-performing individuals. The result has been a counter-cultural success story as businesses struggled with a challenging labor market over the last three years. In 2023, results for QuickBox included 47% revenue growth and more than 180% growth in profitability.

“From a CFO role standpoint, I am proud of helping build out core capabilities to help give financial vision to the company,” said McMullin. “Being able to lead a key revenue stream within operations allows me to play offense, driving the operation and executing projects with the team that directly move the business forward.”

McMullin has been instrumental in co-leading the implementation of a leadership and performance-focused culture with the CEO and providing opportunities to future leaders to rise through the ranks and grow, while also making the tough decisions to remain uncompromising in getting the right people on the team.

“Trusting and delegating to your team is the only way to carry the heaviest load,” said McMullin.

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