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Bob Forbes Forbes Partners

Bob Forbes

Founder & President

Forbes Partners

Location: Greenwood Village

Founded: 2004

Industry: Investment Banking

Before founding Forbes Partners nearly two decades ago, Bob Forbes was a serial entrepreneur, launching over a dozen industrial and technology ventures. “He’s been in the trenches, collaborating with industry experts, navigating challenges and working on both sides of the transaction table,” said his staff. “A mentor diagnosed Bob as a deal junkie and suggested a business filled with dealmaking, urging him to consider investment banking.”

After a year of in-depth research on the industry and its shortcomings, Forbes developed a blueprint for a new model of investment banking that would deliver the client experience he yearned for as a business owner, leading to the launch of Forbes Partners.

Forbes Partners is an award-winning middle-market investment banking firm with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, and financial restructuring within the middle market. With nearly 300 years of combined experience and over $85 billion in transactions, the firm’s investment bankers are trusted advisors with deep industry-specific knowledge and expertise across a wide range of transaction types, sizes, structures, motivations and challenges.

“Bob has revolutionized the industry, from the introduction of unique staffing and compensation models to tools that solve complex transaction challenges, providing a competitive edge for Forbes Partners,” said his staff. “Bob’s track record includes turning vision into reality, achieving major milestones, earning over 20 best of industry awards and consistently delivering outstanding results for both Forbes Partners and its clients.”

Major milestones include recognition as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in the U.S. with 1400% revenue growth and designation as a Certified Business Intermediary. Forbes has been recognized with the Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award, the Deal of the Year Award and led the company to receive the 13th Annual M&A International Award.

“I believe successful leadership today hinges on the ability to quickly adjust to change, foster open and clear dialogue, rebound from challenges with strength and chart a forward-thinking path toward success,” said Forbes. “In a world characterized by rapid technological advancements, shifting market dynamics, and geopolitical tensions, leaders must demonstrate the ability to swiftly adjust their strategies and approaches in response to changing circumstances.”

Forbes said his leadership style embraces being honest and humble. “My style serves as a beacon of trust, fostering transparency and openness,” he said. “Authenticity disarms egos and fosters a culture of humility within the organization, and instead of wielding authority as a tool for dominance, I lead by example, acknowledging the contributions of others and valuing diverse perspectives.”

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My secret superpower lies in my ability to communicate with others in a disarmingly honest and humble manner. This superpower transcends mere words; it’s about authenticity, empathy, and genuine connection. When faced with challenging situations or difficult conversations, my style serves as a beacon of trust, fostering transparency and openness. By admitting mistakes, sharing vulnerabilities, and expressing genuine concern for others, I create a safe space for dialogue and collaboration.


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