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Adam Woods Choozle

Adam Woods

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Denver

Founded: 2012

Industry: Advertising Technology

Earlier in his career, Adam Woods was the chief technology officer at a top multinational agency focused on building real-time solutions that operate at a web scale. During this time, he supported advertising software products for large global enterprise companies. Woods earned the confidence and trust of the Choozle founders while working together on a shared project.

“I joined Choozle because I recognized the opportunity to bring an enterprise-grade approach to a new segment of the advertising technology market, and truly make a difference in helping companies grow,” said Woods. He held roles as the chief client officer and chief technology officer before becoming the CEO of the company.

Choozle provides an omnichannel digital advertising software platform that leverages detailed consumer data to power advertising campaigns across display, video, mobile, audio, connected TV, digital out-of-home and other mediums, all from a single, intuitive interface. To date, marketers and advertisers have run more than 39,000 digital ad campaigns with Choozle.

Throughout his time at Choozle, Woods has worked to improve the way mid-market advertisers buy media. He has spearheaded initiatives to ensure Choozle steers the space as a consultative partner for the optimal deployment of media, which involves a blend of omnichannel planning, targeting best practices and crafting upfront goals.

His contributions include fine-tuning and streamlining Choozle’s flagship self-service software platform to bring the best advertising capabilities to small advertisers with annual budgets under $1 million while also modernizing the company’s data stack.

“I have the tenacity for the grind, and my ability to play the long game is one of the personality traits that has served me well,” said Woods. “I’m always looking for significant challenges that others aren’t fully solving.”

Woods also places a strong emphasis on mentoring, both in formal and informal capacities. “He has designed a program that allows employees across the company to see what growth looks like for every role – not just their current positions,” said his staff. “This cross-functional collaboration not only illuminates career opportunities for employees, but it also strengthens relationships throughout the organization.”

The most effective approach to leadership begins with providing the necessary space for teams to make informed decisions and act, said Woods. “It’s common for leaders to instinctively prescribe an outcome, but creating room for team autonomy is crucial,” he said. “Leaders must embrace the humility of acknowledging that they may not always possess the proximity or nuanced understanding to prescribe the optimal resolution.”

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Did you know?

My secret superpower is belief coupled with tenacity. I’ve consistently held a firm belief that any challenge is surmountable; the concept of impossibility is merely a restriction of imagination or capabilities. While acknowledging current limitations, I maintain that with sufficient time and research and development (R&D), the human spirit can create amazing (and sometimes terrifying) things that would have been out of the question in the past. In big and small ways, we’re living in an age of incredible innovation. All of these innovations are the result of someone saying, “I don’t accept that limitation and want to build something that hasn’t existed before.”

Given that backdrop, I’ve always sought to stay as close to new technologies as possible, aiming to guide teams in adopting innovations that can sometimes challenge fundamental assumptions about how things should operate. I recall discovering a database platform years ago that was truly a thousand times faster than any we’d used before, and it came at a significantly lower cost. Immediately after implementing the technology, my team swiftly resolved problems with very low complexity that we had struggled with for years and spent millions of dollars attempting to overcome. Challenges when tackled effectively, can transform into a substantial competitive advantage through strategic partnerships or the implementation of innovative ideas. Do you desire this advantage for your organization or for your competitors?

I also have the tenacity for the grind. My ability to play the long game is one of the personality traits that has served me well. I don’t look at a position or challenge as something that I’m going to work on for three months or a year. Often, the projects I want to build or solve take years to achieve the final vision completely. I‘m always looking for significant challenges that others aren’t fully solving.


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