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Tad Edwards Benjamin F. Edwards

Tad Edwards

Founder, Chairman, President & CEO

Benjamin F. Edwards

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2008

Industry: Financial Services

After his family’s firm, A.G. Edwards, was purchased by Wachovia Securities in 2007 and later by Wells Fargo Bank, rather than following the herd, Tad Edwards decided he would continue his family legacy and strike out on his own, much like his great-great grandfather did when he founded his own brokerage firm in St. Louis in 1887.

Edwards started with just two employees spending close to a year getting the firm established to operate as a licensed brokerage firm and by 2008, he opened the doors and financial advisors began joining the firm because they were aware of Edwards’ and his family’s stellar reputation for taking care of clients and employees.

“Our people feel that Edwards is a home away from home,” said Edwards. “Everybody trusts everybody, and our mission is shared and aligned; our experience is decades deep, with professional level employee turnover at roughly 2 percent.”

The vision at Benjamin F. Edwards is to serve more clients with quality wealth-planning, investment and financial planning services while operating in 32 states with 94 locations and over $38 billion in assets under management.

The firm took first place in the St. Louis Post Dispatch Top Workplaces in 2023 based on St. Louis employment and the company was named a St. Louis Business Journal Best Places to Work winner. In 2018, Edwards earned the Ernst & Young Regional Top Entrepreneur of the Year award and serves on the boards of the Cass Information Systems, Inc., the Central Institute for the Deaf and Concordance Academy.

As a leader, Edwards is adamant that ego, arrogance and self-interest have no place at the firm. “Rarely do our people take credit for a success; rather, we spread the credit like wildfire, so others are recognized and inspired,” he said. “We value and encourage everyone’s input and ideas, which is why I wander the office daily as it’s imperative all our people know they are needed, valued and a key part of our future.”

Edwards said he doesn’t believe in the status quo and often says that a car stuck in neutral can never move forward. “Tad believes that the sky is the limit and enjoys his vision of growth, inspiring everyone in the firm to work hard to make that goal a reality,” said his staff. “He possesses a clear and inspiring vision for the company’s future with a compelling long-term strategy leading his teams toward ambitious goals.”

For his positive impact on the industry and for continuing a legacy of family among his employees, Edwards has been named a titan.

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We have a wonderful leadership team who are aligned on goals and purpose We all trust each other Most all took a substantial pay cut to join us (50-80% reductions) and all bought our private stock. Virtually all are still here. We have tremendous fun as we challenge and inspire each other daily. It’s the best team I’ve ever seen.. We care 100% about our people’s performance and contribution, and also care 100% about them as a human being. Our people feel that Edwards is a home away from home. Everybody trusts everybody and our mission is shared and aligned. Our experience is decades deep, with professional level employee turnover at roughly 2%. Pride, greed, and self interest are absent, and replaced with a team approach that’s built on trust and nobody caring who gets the credit. we are all driven to achieve milestones we never thought possible.


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