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Simon Bailey T Kartor Usa

Simon Bailey

Chief Executive Officer

T-Kartor USA

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1985

Industry: Geospatial

Before stepping into his role as CEO at T-Kartor USA, Simon Bailey gained invaluable experience managing a wide variety of GEOINT projects for esteemed companies such as Continental Mapping Consultants, The Boeing Company and Dewberry. “Each of these roles enriched his expertise and honed his leadership skills, preparing him for a transformative impact at T-Kartor USA,” said his colleagues.

T-Kartor USA creates and maintains geographical information, maps, and charts and develops breakthrough solutions to deliver data, information and products in innovative ways that benefit municipalities and the defense industry. The firm combines cartographic, GIS, and programming abilities with domain expertise to deliver high-quality, affordable solutions whether it’s for map production, city wayfinding or integrated public transportation.

As the CEO, Bailey offers an impressive portfolio boasting over 25 years of experience in the specialized realm of geospatial products, services, and solutions. He has elevated the company by spearheading a myriad of projects that reinforce the National System for Geospatial Intelligence and its ever-expanding mission requirements.

“While his professional achievements are significant, it’s Simon’s dedication as a geospatial ambassador for St. Louis that truly distinguishes him as a visionary in the field,” said his staff. “Simon is an unyielding advocate for St. Louis as an emerging epicenter for geospatial brilliance on the global stage.”

Utilizing his considerable influence and established industry connections, Bailey partners with organizations like Rung for Women to develop non-traditional talent pipelines and frequently collaborates with educational institutions such as the Taylor Geospatial Institute, along with government agencies and key industry stakeholders.

As a leader, Bailey said he values communication and transparency. “Transparency with employees and a culture of accountability are vital for successful leadership,” he said. “Open communication fosters trust and empowers teams to take ownership of their work, driving both individual and organizational growth.”

Taking risks is something he values and said challenging the status quo was the most significant risk he took on his leadership journey. “I noticed that outdated processes were hindering our progress and efficiency,” said Bailey. “Despite knowing that this could ruffle some feathers, I decided to advocate for change and it was a risk because it meant questioning established practices and facing resistance from colleagues and superiors.”

In the end, taking this risk paid off because it led to increased productivity and a more innovative, adaptive organization. “The experience taught me that calculated risks, taken in a pursuit of a higher purpose, can drive positive transformation and define a leader’s legacy,” said Bailey. “Never be afraid to speak your mind, especially when it helps cut through needless red tape.”

For his influence in the industry and his transformative leadership style, Bailey has been named a Titan 100.

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