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Sheila Burkett Spry Digital Llc

Sheila Burkett

Co-Founder & CEO

Spry Digital LLC

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2010

Industry: Digital Consulting

Since being named a Titan 100 in 2023, Sheila Burkett has led Spry Digital through major changes along with leading in the community.

“Through the Titan 100 program, I have enjoyed celebrating with my peers and continue to learn from them,” said Burkett. “This community has given me a platform and continued to grow my network so that I can continue to expand my reach and impact.

In the past year, Burkett worked on a buyout of the company, resulting in changes to the organization internally and led the company to improve its operational efficiency, improve profitability and work to improve sales processes.

Spry Digital is a digital solutions agency, built to enable its clients’ full potential through the design and development of key digital experiences. Spry Digital is made up of a unique combination of experts who collaborate to strategize, design, develop and enhance digital products, applications and websites with the best possible user outcomes in mind.

“In order for Spry to continue to grow, we had to take a breath and make sure our organization was structured correctly and operating efficiently,” said Burkett. As a result, the company brought in another owner to lead sales and marketing efforts, has pursued more RFPs in the government, higher education and agency space and Burkett is building a keynote speaking package, blog content and an eBook. In addition, the company is exploring AI and how to utilize it internally and with clients.

“The opportunity to work with leaders who have a great vision but need someone by their side to help them make it happen is super exciting,” said Burkett.

As a leader who loves guiding women in male-dominated fields, Burkett has actively participated in mentoring programs, particularly in helping women start and succeed in careers in technology with organizations including Together Digital, Women Executives in IT and the National Council of Women in Information Technology.

“My secret superpower is helping people see their potential and inspire them to pursuing opportunities to grow,” said. Burkett. Creating a compelling vision with a clear, aligned path to successful execution is how she defines the success of her leadership.

“Successful leaders must be able to think critically, make quick decisions and pivot when faced with challenges to their plan,” said Burkett. “In addition, successful leaders take a people centric approach to running their business.”

For her success in the digital industry and as a leader, Burkett has been named a second-year Titan 100.

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My secret superpower is helping people see their potential and inspire them to pursuing opportunities to grow.


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