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Ron Daugherty Daugherty Business Solutions

Ron Daugherty

President & CEO

Daugherty Business Solutions

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1985

Industry: IT Services, IT Consulting

Ron Daugherty has been positioned on the leading edge of technology as the president and CEO of Daugherty Business Solutions for 38 years. “This company is my life’s work and the legacy I wish to leave is to continue to grow the business in a way that is highly significant beyond me,” he said.

Daugherty Business Solutions is an advisory services and technology consulting partner that dates back to the mid-1980s, delivering results through innovation and technology. The firm will finish this year passing $350 million in revenue and was ranked second in the nation by Top Workplaces USA, competing with 42,000 other companies.

“Our business is at the forefront of technology and we hire smart people,” said Daugherty. “What I’ve found is that smart people like to learn and so we hire smart people that like to learn the newest, best and most innovative information that they can share with their teammates and clients.”

Under Daugherty’s leadership, the company has expanded internationally, opening offices in Poland, Panama City and Costa Rica. “The most significant accomplishments in my mind include areas where we were able to make a positive difference in the community,” said Daugherty.

He served as the 2023 Heart of St. Louis Heart Ball for the American Heart Association, raising over $650,000 in a campaign for the AHA to help people live longer, healthier lives. Daugherty is also proud of the company’s Access Point Program that partners with school districts, higher education institutions and major corporations to remove barriers and drive life-changing opportunities for young people and underrepresented groups.

“Success means that your business is growing, you’re making money and you’re achieving business objectives, which is really good because everyone needs that,” said Daugherty. “But, you become significant when you use that success to do good things to improve your community, to make a positive difference and to help people.”

Daugherty uses his skills as a leader to shape the future for the next generation of entrepreneurs. “My advice to others is that as you become a leader, continue to make it personal and make it fun,” he said. “If you can do those things, then you’re going to be able to do it for a much longer period of time and it’ll be much more of a pleasure for everybody.”

For his continued success as a leader, Daugherty has been inducted into the Titan 100 Hall of Fame.

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“You become significant when you use success to do good things to improve your community, to make a positive difference and to help people.”


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