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Randy Bueckendorf Bex Construction Services

Randy Bueckendorf


BEX Construction Services

Location: Maryland Heights, MO

Founded: 2014

Industry: Commercial General Contractor

According to Randy Bueckendorf, a titan needs to be a self-starter, someone who thinks outside the box and doesn’t take no for an answer when it involves their dreams. “When something gets in the way or obstructs the path forward, a titan figures out a way around it,” he said.

Bueckendorf knows all about being a titan as this is his second year named as a Titan 100. He continues to lead as the president of BEX Construction Services.

“When I started BEX, I knew what I wanted it to be – a full service company focused on our client’s needs,” he said. “I wanted to perform in a way I saw lacking in many other similar companies, so it was imperative to hire key people capable of carrying out this mission.”

BEX is a commercial general contractor with a mission to provide its clients with the best customer service combined with quality construction to satisfy their building needs economically and with the expertise garnered by decades of experience.

“Our people are our best and most valued asset,” said Bueckendorf. “So, a titan must have a dream and the skill to carry it through to completion and cannot be afraid to change the narrative of the industry.”

Bueckendorf has not been afraid to change the narrative and it has resulted in an 80% repeat client record with a focus on service, hard work, integrity, experience, listening and delivery. “The key to our success is our character,” he said.

This character has led BEX to be nominated for General Contractor of the Year five of the past six years by the American Subcontractor Association. BEX was awarded the Pubic Service Award by the City of Maryland Heights and was recognized by the St. Louis Business Journal as the second fastest growing privately held company with revenue increasing 364% from 2019 to 2022.

Under Bueckendorf’s leadership, BEX has grown from zero to $100 million in revenues in just nine years.

He attributes his even keel nature as his superpower and one that stems from an early sports coach’s advice. “When you win a championship or a big game, don’t dance around like an idiot – act like you’ve been there before and that you belong now,” said Bueckendorf. “Conversely, when you take it on the chin and lose a big game, don’t pout or cry – shake the hand of your opponent and congratulate him to gain respect that will last a lifetime.”

For gaining the respect of his staff and the community, Bueckendorf once again dons the title of a Titan 100.

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Did you know?

My secret superpower is to keep an even keel emotionally. I don’t get too high or too low over any given company success or failure. I get happy or disappointed but not to excess. I don’t dwell on failures and I don’t gloat with successes. I remember one of my early sports coach’s advice. When you win a championship or a big game, don’t dance around like an idiot. Act like you’ve been there before and that you belong now. Act like you deserve the win and it could happen again. Conversely, when you take it on the chin and lose a big game, don’t pout or cry. Shake the hand of your opponent and congratulate him. The respect you gain will last a lifetime.


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