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Nick Hinman Tacony Corporation

Nick Hinman

SVP of Operations

Tacony Corporation

Location: Fenton, MO

Founded: 1946

Industry: Consumer Products

From the time Nick Hinman joined Tacony Corporation in 2017 as the supply chain manager, he began making positive impacts to the business immediately by improving the on-time delivery fulfillment to within 24 hours and increasing orders received from 50 to 85 percent. Hinman also consolidated the domestic facility footprint from three facilities to one newly built 75,000 square feet distribution center in Las Vegas.

As Hinman continued to positively impact the business, he was promoted to the director of supply chain and business operations in 2018 and quickly became the right hand to the firm’s COO. In 2020, he was promoted to the role of vice president of corporate strategy and ultimately moved to the role of senior vice president of operations in early 2022.

Tacony Corporation is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of vacuum cleaners, sewing machines and commercial floor care equipment with a mission statement to deliver passion, innovation and education through product and unsurpassed service that exceeds every customer experience.

In his roles at Tacony Corporation, Hinman was instrumental in making improvements to the supply chain logistics that resulted in over $500,000 in savings and has focused on the customer journey and experience, identifying areas to improve customer experiences from the first interaction with Tacony all the way through the delivery and payment for purchases.

“In most cases, this level of experience and know how comes with tenure and age, but with Hinman, a titan-level executive, the sky is the limit, and we look forward to what he will continue to achieve,” said his colleagues. “Nick Hinman has proven he has the capability and leadership aptitude in manufacturing, supply chain management and distribution both pre-Tacony and during his years at the company.”

According to his staff, Hinman has gained the extensive trust of colleagues and built solid working relationships inside Tacony and with customers and suppliers. “He embodies the Tacony culture and has proven he can implement long-term solutions and execute company-wide objectives,” they said.

Hinman said that in today’s complex and dynamic world, honesty and integrity stand as the indispensable pillars upon which successful leadership is built. “The modern landscape demands leaders who can navigate through ambiguity, build trust and foster collaboration across diverse stakeholders,” said Hinman. “The commitment to truthfulness and transparency forms the basis for trust which is the currency of effective leadership.”

For serving as a change agent and a leader who embraces collaboration, Hinman has been named a titan.”,,My secret superpower lies in my exceptional ability to multitask and drive change management across various functions within our organization. Juggling multiple tasks simultaneously

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My secret superpower lies in my exceptional ability to multitask and drive change management across various functions within our organization. Juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, I efficiently navigate through diverse projects and responsibilities, ensuring a holistic and integrated approach. Beyond mere multitasking, I possess a unique skill set that enables me to bridge gaps between different departments, fostering collaboration and buy-in for transformative initiatives.


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