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Mindy Mazur Lents Mazur & Associates

Mindy Mazur

Managing Partner

Lents Mazur & Associates

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1987

Industry: Consulting firm

Through the years, Mindy Mazur has played many roles: small business owner, chief of staff, COO, executive director, consultant, campaign manager and congressional staffer. As a sought-after opinion leader, she embraced the opportunity to learn, build teams and make an impact, which is what she continues to do as a managing partner at Lents Mazur & Associates.

Lents Mazur & Associates is a woman-founded, women-owned and women-led full service strategic consulting and communication firm that specializes in integrated communications, business strategy, public affairs and association management. Community leader and PR expert Peggy Lents founded the firm in 1987 and Mazur joined the company as part of Lents’ business succession plan in 2019 and will be the sole owner by 2025.

“As managing partner, Mindy has strengthened the company through her own personal brand of steady, inspiring leadership and teamwork,” said her colleagues. “Her extensive network and professional background in government, campaigns and business management have been an asset in attracting new types of projects and clients that broaden the services, reach and impact of the firm.”

As one of her first contributions after joining the firm, Mazur took the steps to modernize the firm’s digital infrastructure just months ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Mazur continues as a successful remote and hybrid business model with a physical office in St. Louis, employing talent based across the state of Missouri.

“Taking risks has been essential to building my career; in retrospect, I’ve taken risks at many key junctures,” said Mazur. Her first risk was moving to Washington, DC, after graduating from Mizzou to work in a congressional office. “It was a leap of faith and one that changed my life and opened my eyes to the importance of public policy and public service,” said Mazur.

She went on to take other risks throughout her career, often taking chances to working on campaigns, building start-ups or coordinating change. “Many of these risks came with some sacrifice and a lot of support and grace from my family,” said Mazur. “Being able to take opportunities has helped me gain valuable professional experiences and build a strong, diverse network; it has allowed me to wear many hats which now allows me to relate to clients in various and useful ways.”

According to Mazur, she embraces the opportunity to connect with people and inspire them to action. “It equips team members to succeed and lead,” she said.

For continuing to inspire her staff and her clients, Mazur has been named a titan.

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My superpower is connecting people and inspiring them to action. That said, when I asked my spouse about this question, he said my superpower is the “ability to be simultaneously likable and terrifying..in a good way.”. [NOTE: I’m not really sure what that means, but he’s usually right! Ha!]


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