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Michael Seaman Swipesum

Michael Seaman

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Clayton, MO

Founded: 2016

Industry: Payments, Financial Services

The entrepreneurial journey of Michael Seaman, co-founder of Swipesum, is a classic tale of identifying a gap in a market and innovative to fill it. Before starting Swipesum, Seaman was immersed in the world of payment processing, working for one of the largest companies in the space. It was during this tenure that he recognized a significant imbalance in the industry – the power dynamics heavily favored the providers of the merchants.

This realization sparked the idea for his venture aimed at shifting the power back to the merchants during the buying process of payment services. Swipesum operates primarily in the payment processing industry. The firm has carved out a niche by offering a unique service: it assists businesses in navigating the often complex and opaque world of payment processing.

“Michael’s deep understanding of the payment processing industry, combined with his brother’s expertise in sales and business development, formed a robust foundation for Swipesum,” said his staff. “It’s a testament to the power of recognizing a market need and innovatively addressing it.”

Seaman’s experience working in the industry shaped his understanding of what businesses truly need from their payment processors and how these needs were not adequately being met. “My focus on customer-centric service sets me apart in an industry often criticized for its lack of transparency and support,” he said. “I strive to build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.”

His efforts have led the company to receive the Inc. 5000 Award and has showcased an 804% revenue growth. Seaman was recognized as a Top Franchise Supplier by Entrepreneur Magazine. “These accomplishments highlight Swipesum’s significant contributions to the fintech sector, driven by Michael Seaman’s leadership and the team’s innovative approach to payment processing solutions,” said his staff.

As a leader, Seaman said he embraces leaning on his team and his network. “It’s like tapping into this goldmine of experiences and ideas they have,” he said. “I’m always on the lookout for someone in the same boat, who has faced similar hurdles, just to see what they did about it.”

Seaman said he also relies on empathy as a leader. “It’s all about really getting where your team members and clients are coming from, which boosts performance and morale,” he said. “In the financial services industry, being forward-thinking and agile is a must; it’s like having this superpower to see what your employees and customers need before they know it, leading to some really smart moves when things start shifting.”

For his agility as a leader and entrepreneurial growth, Seaman has been named a titan.

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My superpower is I’ve got this knack for rallying together many folks who are smarter and more successful than me. We’re talking real overachievers, top of their game. I’m proud of my team and the network of Swipesum supporters. It’s pretty cool, getting to work with such brilliant minds.


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