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Liz O'keefe Technical Productions, Inc

Liz O’Keefe

Chief Executive Officer

Technical Productions, Inc.

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1989

Industry: Live Event Production | Audio Visual Services

Liz O’Keefe has spent decades in the communications industry serving clients of all kinds through video production, motion graphics, production design and experiential technology. According to her staff, it is the events that have transpired over the last seven years that have defined her as a titan.

“In 2016, O’Keefe and her husband took a look under the hood and realized that it was time to make some serious changes to their operational structure,” said her colleagues. “They dove into every single process and rebuilt the company from the ground up, becoming woman-owned while navigating the COVID-19 shutdown.”

What emerged on the other side was a passion to rebuild the culture from the ground up with O’Keefe as the CEO.

Technical Productions, Inc. has a mission to craft extraordinary, life changing experience that impact each audience and truly make a difference in the live touched. The company’s goal is to create engagement with live event production and audio-visual services. “Events happen just once in a lifetime and we have made it our life’s work to make them powerful,” said O’Keefe. “We change lives together with our clients, one event, one theatrical performance, one concert and one sermon at a time.”

As CEO, O’Keefe has built sets for Barry Manilow, Toby Keith and Carrie Underwood and has taken home two Parnelli Awards for work as Production Designer of the Year. She has done graphics for the Superbowl, designed conventions for 50,000 attendees and motivated people on 100-foot projected walls of water.

“We all have unique gifts that the world is waiting for, and I believe it is our meaning in life to identify them through courageous acts that often fall outside of mainstream activity,” said O’Keefe. “If we can then find a way to turn those gifts into a product or service that is a meaningful contribution, we will have truly succeeded in finding our life’s purpose and that path requires courage, risk, evolution, personal accountability and integrity in our steps.”

As a leader, O’Keefe believes in collaboration to inspire creativity. “It is always a luxury if we have the time to involve our entire team to gather their input, as the answer is usually in the room if we keep our eyes open,” she said. “However, that is often not the case for us in live event production when we are performing and troubleshooting scenarios in front of a live audience, but it is pretty imperative that we calmly go undetected while we perform our problem-solving miracles, and we do this with precision every day.”

For her creative leadership, willingness to embrace change and lead by example, O’Keefe has been named a titan.

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