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Lauren Herring Impact Group

Lauren Herring

Chief Executive Officer


Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1988

Industry: HR Services

Lauren Herring joined IMPACT Group in 2001 when her mother and the company’s founder, Laura Herring, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her intention was to help the company and her family through the challenging times and eventually leave St. Louis for more exciting places and opportunities.

“The more she got involved with the business, though, the more passionate she became about the work and her desire to be part of the future of the company,” said her colleagues. In 2007, after experience roles in account management, operations, marketing and eventually leading the company’s international expansion, mother and daughter began talking succession.

Upon her mother’s retirement in 2009, Herring took the helm as CEO and has never looked back. IMPACT Group is a career and leadership coaching company with a mission to maximize human potential in an increasingly tech-enabled world.

Initially founded as a company to help employees and their families navigate the ups and downs of corporate relocation, Herring was instrumental in the acquisition that doubled the size of the company. From that acquisition, she has acquired four additional companies in the relocation and outplacement space. Under Herring’s leadership, IMPACT Group operates in over 70 countries, has worked with over 300 Fortune 500 clients and has coached hundreds of thousands of people through finding new jobs and growing in their roles.

“Lauren is a titan because she is a highly regarded speaker and influencer in the talent and leadership space,” said her staff. “She has developed a reputation for acquiring businesses in the coaching space in a way that honors the history of the acquired organization while pushing forward into the future.”

As a highly sought-after professional, Herring authored “This Side Up! A Simple Guide to Your Successful Relocation” and “Take Control of Your Job Search.” She has been a recipient of the Top 25 Game Changers Award, the Top Women-Owned Business Award and was named St. Louis Business Journal’s Most Influential Women in Business.

“Lauren is a likable, authentic leader who is passionate about making a difference,” said her staff. “She builds relationships focused on the long term and is always looking for a win-win.”

According to Herring, successful leaders are distinguished by a set of critical attributes that enable them to drive their teams and organizations toward success. “At the core of these attributes is the ability to set a clear and compelling vision,” she said. “This involves not only establishing a direction for the future but also inspiring others to embrace this vision passionately.”

For her passion and vision in the industry, Herring has been named a titan.

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