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Kristie Bailey Fireside Financial Llc

Kristie Bailey


Fireside Financial LLC

Location: Edwardsville, IL

Founded: 2008

Industry: Real Estate

In 2003, Kristie Bailey and her husband put everything on the line to launch Fireside Financial LLC. “We walked to the edge of the cliff and jumped right off,” said Bailey. “We put everything on the line – our finances, our trust in each other, our faith that God had a bigger plan – and we have never looked back,” she said.

Fireside Financial is a real estate firm focused on the acquisition and development of multi-family and self-storage properties throughout the Midwest. The firm has a mission to own and operate profitable real estate investments with integrity and efficiency, aligning with its partner’s interest.

Never afraid of a challenge, Bailey, a second-year Titan 100, said she knew that there was more out there. “Our collective minds, stick to it attitude, hard work ethic and faith has made Fireside what it is today,” she said. “Life is what you make it and we have made this journey one for the story books.”

The journey since Bailey was named a titan has been a year of the best and worst, she said. “With the current economic climate, we have had to shift once again, learning early on from the COVID years that being able to pivot as a company was a must,” she said. “We pulled up our bootstraps, invested in training programs, updated software and elevated our staff.”

Looking forward, the growth of the company and staff is set to reach new heights. The firm recently purchased 96 acres in Creve Coeur for development. “With our new development, it will allow us to hire more staff to fill the needs of our growing company,” said Bailey. “This is such an exciting time for the next generation; there are so many ways to learn, teach, guide and mentor, that it thrills me to think of the possibilities.”

The possibilities also include continuing the philanthropy work that the company has committed to throughout the years. Fireside Financial LLC has contributed to charities such as Edwardsville Neighbors, Action for Autism, The Boy Scouts of America and the Giving Hearts Initiative. Bailey sits on the boards of BSA, AFA, Blue Sky and Giving Hearts.

“More than ever, we realize that giving back is such an important tool and allows our staff to get involved and feel the benefits as well,” said Bailey. “A bit of friendly inner office competition makes for some spirited teamwork.”

As a second-year Titan, Bailey said that the recognition of being a Titan 100 has been life changing. “The ability to brainstorm and hear other Titan’s stories has been a true life-changing experience,” she said.

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My kids would say, “I am a superhero in the kitchen.” I love to bake; it allows me the creative outlet to start a project and complete it. In my line of work, we have projects that could take years to complete. I love the satisfaction that baking gives me. They would also say, I try to encourage everyone and bring out everyone’s best to be the best.


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