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Kevin Lemp 4 Hands Brewing Company

Kevin Lemp

President & CEO

4 Hands Brewing Company

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2011

Industry: Craft

Kevin Lemp left a career he loved in order to turn his dreams into a reality. Before that, at every promotion, he would tell himself to learn more than what was needed in order to be successful in that position. That success led him to work in the alcohol beverage space to start his own micro version, which is now 4Hands Brewing Company.

“I have never regretted that decision and I appreciate the pressure that owning and managing a business brings,” said Lemp. “I love building a team and I thrive in a competitive, creative and inspired setting; I have had the fortune of building a team that shares those qualities.”

4Hands Brewing Company has a passion to build a portfolio of brands to be a pillar of the community. “We believe that our dedication to our culture and passion for our teammates sets us apart,” said Lemp. “We are more than just beer.”

Since Lemp was named a Titan 100 in 2023, he has led the company to analyze and execute a robust growth goal. The firm opened a second location in Chesterfield Valley at the District with plans to open a third location in the downtown Kirkwood business district and a fourth location inside the Southwest terminal at Lambert Airport.

“Growth is extremely important but also holds a tremendous amount of responsibility,” said Lemp. “We owe it to our team to make sure every decision is over analyzed in order to ensure we are as successful as possible.”

This year also brought a partnership with NBC Universal in order to bring Voltron to life in the form of a 6-part collaboration beer series. Additional partnerships include collaborations with local MVP Tim Parker from the St. Louis City SC and closing pitcher and MVP Ryan Helsley.

As a leader, Lemp said lessons come daily. “I’ve learned to surround myself with individual who are smarter than me,” he said. “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you will only go so far, so it’s important to allow your leadership team to challenge you.”

Noting that his team is the pulse of the company’s family of brands, he said giving his staff the proper tools is necessary to make clear decisions. “I end every single conversation with one question: What do you need from me in order to be as successful as possible?” said Lemp.

For his dedication to his team and the St. Louis community, Lemp has been named a second-year Titan 100.

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