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Kathleen Mazzarella Graybar

Kathleen Mazzarella

Chairman, President & CEO


Location: Clayton, MO

Founded: 1925

Industry: Wholesale Distribution

Throughout most of its history, Graybar has focused on an organic growth model. When Kathleen Mazzarella became CEO, the company began to explore acquisitions to complement its organic growth. Since that time, the company has developed expertise, under Mazzarella’s leadership, in the acquisition process and successfully completed several acquisitions, including five in the past two years since Mazzarella was first recognized as a Titan 100.

Graybar is a leading North American distributor of electrical, communications and data networking products and a provider of supply chain management and logistics services. The company primarily serves the construction market, the commercial, institutional and government market, as well as the industrial and utility markets.

Mazzarella began her journey with Graybar in an entry level position at 19 and is now the first woman to lead the company in its more than 92-year history. Under her leadership, the company has achieved profitable growth and positioned itself for continued success.

“Leadership is a privilege and a significant responsibility,” said Mazzarella. “Being an effective leader requires hard work, sacrifice and dedication to doing what’s right for the organization and the people in it.”

From a company leadership perspective, Mazzarella said she wants to be known as a leader who did everything in her power to leave Graybar stronger for the next generation. “Graybar is an iconic, employee-owned company with a rich history dating back to 1869,” she said. “Just as those who went before me did their part to ensure that Graybar would stand the test of time, I strive to make the decisions and investments that will position the company for many years of success.”

During Mazzarella’s time as president and CEO, the company has grown from a $5.4 billion company to a $10.5 billion company through organic growth and acquisitions. “We continue to invest in our people and create opportunities for them to build successful careers with the company,” she said.

In fact, her five-year vision includes investing in growth and transformation to improve the customer and employee experience. “We will be intentional about preserving and reinforcing the employee ownership culture that sets Graybar apart from other companies,” said Mazzarella. “Successful leadership is never about you; it’s about helping others achieve their dreams and reach their potential,” said Mazzarella.

For her successful leadership and commitment to propelling others forward, Mazzarella has been inducted into the Titan 100 Hall of Fame.

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“Successful leadership is never about you; it’s about helping others achieve their dreams and reach their potential.”


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