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Jim Roche Warrcloud, Inc

Jim Roche

Founder & CEO

WarrCloud, Inc.

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2015

Industry: SaaS - Automotive Technology

Jim Roche noticed that the offices where warranty claims processing took place always had stacks of paper piled high everywhere. As a natural serial technology entrepreneur, he began discussing this potential problem with automotive executives. Roche then set out to provide a solution with the launch of WarrCloud, Inc.

WarrCloud, Inc. is the automotive industry’s first and only cloud-based technology platform that automates warranty claims processing with a mission to modernize warranty processing for automotive dealerships by continuously improving automation while delivering excellent customer service.

From his initial vision of automating claims processing, Roche has managed WarrCloud from concept to an industry pioneer with over 400 customers and 100 employees while driving triple-digit growth. His efforts have earned the company a spot as a 2023 finalist in the Automotive News PACE Awards, the Navicon Cup in 2022 and Best New Product by the Fixed Ops Roundtable in 2021.

Prior to WarrCloud, Roche has founded or been on the leadership team of four successful companies that have generated over $1 billion in shareholder returns via IPO and/or acquisition. “He is considered an expert in automotive service operations with an emphasis on applying new technologies to enhance the guest and employee experience, and these can improve customer and employee retention while also driving greater business profitability,” said his colleagues.

In addition to being the visionary behind the WarrCloud technology platform, Roche drove the creation of the Kelley Blue Book Auto Repair Price Guide, Xtime Invite, Auto Point and Carabunga.com while writing two books about automotive service, Fast Lane and Fast Break.

“I didn’t have the courage to become an entrepreneur until I was 40 because I lacked the confidence and I should have started younger,” said Roche. “I have adopted several leadership principles over the years, and I would definitely impress upon my younger self to always ask yourself if you would rather be right or successful.”

As a leader, Roche said he relies on thought leadership, integrity, courage, accountability, adaptability and empathy. “It’s important to recognize that in any organization filled with smart people, only complex and difficult to solve challenges rise to the executive level,” he said. “I have the ability to take complex concepts and distill them into easy-to-understand descriptions and steps and then communicate that to a team.”

For his success as an entrepreneur, his courage to think outside of the box and his successful leadership skills, Roche has been named a titan.

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My superpower is the ability to take complex concepts and distill them into easy to understand descriptions/steps and communicate that to a team.


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