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Jim Maher Archford

Jim Maher

Founder & CEO


Location: Swansea, IL

Founded: 2013

Industry: Financial & Data

To the next generation of titans, Titan 100 Hall of Fame inductee Jim Maher offers a simple, yet profound piece of advice: Pay attention. “In the journey of leadership and influence, there is no skill more crucial than the art of awareness,” said Maher. “Understanding what’s happening in our regions, communities, businesses and homes is not just a choice; it’s a duty and a responsibility.”

Maher is the CEO and founder of Archford, a financial firm offering management, accounting, retirement planning, business consulting and philanthropy services. The company aims to contribute to its clients’ successes by simplifying their financial life by educating, guiding, and informing. Archford is also heavily involved in philanthropy and Maher said his personal mantra is, “Help others.”

“As titans, we hold a unique and privileged position in our communities and we are often at the forefront of decision-making and our actions have a ripple effect that touches countless lives,” said Maher. “With this power comes a moral obligation to be vigilant, to observe, to listen and to empathize.”

These key leadership skills have led to one of Maher’s most significant contributions since he was named a Titan 100. Maher commissioned an independent study, conducted by Dr. Gloria Swedish from Southern Illinois University Business School, focusing on businesses within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis that employ between 10 and 300 employees.

“This endeavor stands out as a significant milestone in my professional journey, and I am profoundly proud of its impact on the community and my role as a regional influencer,” said Maher. “This accomplishment represents my commitment to driving positive change within the St. Louis region’s business landscape.”

Since he was named a titan, under Maher’s leadership, Archford doubled in size and added to its employee benefits package, including options to receive Archford services for employees and their families long into the future. The company was named to the Inc 5000 fastest-growing companies in the country list for the second time and was named by the St. Louis Business Journal for the second time as the 26th-fastest growing company in the region.

“As a leader, I seek to inspire individuals and organizations to make choices that align with a vision of a brighter future – not only for themselves, but for the broader community,” said Maher. “This legacy is characterized by a mindset that promotes selflessness, collaboration and a sense of responsibility to uplift others.”

For his selfless leadership and positive impact on the community, Maher has been inducted into the Titan 100 Hall of Fame.

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“I seek to inspire individuals and organizations to make choices that align with a vision of a brighter future.”


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