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Jennifer Bardot G.r.i.t

Jennifer Bardot

Founder & CEO


Location: Des Peres, MO

Founded: 2020

Industry: Association & Publishing

What started as an anthology called Owning Your G.R.I.T. by Jennifer Bardot has evolved into a community of women empowering others and sharing their unique voices and stories. As the CEO and Founder, Bardot said the goal of the organization is to inspire the community through storytelling. “G.R.I.T. allows you to step into the shoes of others seeing our universal similarities while helping identify our unique differences while we find our G.R.I.T. as we reflect on our personal journeys,” said Bardot.

G.R.I.T. (Growth, Resilience, Intention, Tenacity) was founded to create hope from hardships during a time when the world was struggling with uncertainties during a global pandemic. The organization began from an anthology called Owning Your G.R.I.T. and a small board room of women which has evolved into four more anthologies including over 200 women’s stories. G.R.I.T. is an inclusive community of dynamic women who share their personal lessons for others to possibly utilize as a roadmap to empower others.

Since its inception, the organization has hosted events for women to gather and learn and grow in community while building relationships. G.R.I.T. also hosted a women’s leadership expo which was a free event to the community with 38 vendors and over 380 participants. The organization provides monthly free virtual professional development sessions and a monthly thought leadership luncheon.

“G.R.I.T. brings women together supporting them in community, events and opportunities to inspire growth and connections,” said Bardot.

Bardot is no stranger to the role as a servant leader. She serves on a number of nonprofits, including the Fontbonne University Employer and Community Partnership Council and the American Heart Association and serves as a Mentor for Lindenwood University’s MentorUp program and an Innovation Mentor for Saint Louis University.

“She is on a mission to highlight women in our community who have done great things to inspire others to follow their personal dreams,” said her colleagues. Moving forward, Bardot plans to build a youth G.R.I.T. program for young girls and continue to support women with amplifying their voices and stories to inspire others nationally.

“My ability to embrace people and accept them for who they are with compassion and understanding is my superpower and reason why I have grown the G.R.I.T. community to over 1,000 members in less than a year’s time,” said Bardot. “I am able to bring so many women from all walks of life together and bond with similarities.”

For her passion for empowering others through storytelling, Bardot has been named a titan.

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Did you know?

My superpower is kindness, empathy and grace which I provide to others who are in need of being reinspired an activated. I have an intuitive empathy that allows me to relate to others as they are struggling, and I have GRIT which I lend to others to encourage them to stretch beyond their comfort zone to grown. Additionally, I empower others by promoting them and helping them identify their own superpowers. My ability to embrace people and accept them for who they are with compassion and understanding is my superpower and reason how I have grown GRIT Community to over 1k members in less than a years’ time. I am able to bring so many women from all walks of life together and bond with similarities! Hopefully that makes sense! I bring fulfillment not other people’s lives by showcasing their unique talents and strengths authentically showing them how valuable they are. I support women by helping them see their similarities despite diverse backgrounds and empower others to achieve more for themselves by providing unconditional support.


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