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Jay Murchison Concero

Jay Murchison

President & CEO


Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2012

Industry: Staffing

Reflecting on the past year since Jay Murchison was named a Titan 100, he said he has embraced the value of connecting with others. “It is one of those moments where you need to stop and look around the room,” he said. “The value of the titan platform is getting to hear different leaders’ stories; we all have a different path and we can learn from each other along the way.”

Learning about how others lead has been a beneficial addition to Murchison’s set of leadership skills that have helped him continue to guide Concero toward a successful path as the president and CEO.

Concero is a recruitment firm that connects clients with a deep network of employers looking for talent and skills. The company uses its connections, insight and tenacity to help job seekers get the job they want and get ahead in life.

Hiring the best and brightest to learn from every day is a top priority for Murchison. The collaboration also inspires him, especially when faced with obstacles or complex problems. “Concero is all about the feeling of connection between people, whether they be clients, candidates or co-workers,” Murchison said. “It sounds simplistic, but tapping into the network of differing skill sets, backgrounds and perspectives that make up our team can make even the most complex problems seem simpler in an instant.”

Since becoming a Titan 100, Murchison sees his greatest accomplishment as empowering more future leaders. “I am eager to educate and grow the next wave of leaders at Concero,” he said. “We have built a great blueprint for Concero and it will include a lot of growth from our leadership team.

Murchison has also accepted a roll within his YPO group to help mentor other leaders in the St. Louis community.

“I always believe that we will accomplish whatever hurdle is in our path,” said Murchison. “We look for solutions to be formulated from past experiences of wins and losses; taking advantage of our entire team’s knowledge is key.”

According to Murchison, taking small steps to succeed is crucial. “We have adopted the mindset of getting just 1% better every day,” he said. “We continue to elevate our service level for our clients and consultants, and we strive to be at the concierge level of service for everyone we touch.”

His leadership and passion for the industry and for empower emerging leaders have led to Murchison’s recognition as a second-year Titan 100.

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