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Howard Laiderman Veterans Home Care, Llc

Howard Laiderman

Chairman, SDO & CAIO

Veterans Home Care, LLC

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2003

Industry: Home Care

In December 2002, Bonnie Laiderman, the late wife of Howard Laiderman, called him to say she wanted to start a new company to make sure others did not suffer as her mother did. The concept was simple, he said. The goal was to assist veterans to get a VA benefit and provide these veterans and spouses home care.

While Laiderman advised and assisted when the business was launched, by 2004, he closed his former business, Ness Trading Company, to work 100 percent alongside his wife. The mission of Veterans Home Care, LLC, is to provide exceptional home care for veterans and survivors while expanding to support all seniors in need.

Laiderman led strategic advancements in providing contracting and technology, contributing to the company’s expansive reach across 48 states and a network of over 5,000 home care providers. Under his leadership, Veterans Home Care earned the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics and a total of seven Inc. 5000 Awards.

To date, Veterans Home Care has assisted over 22,000 veterans and their spouses and has launched the VetAssist Companion and SmartCompanion platforms designed to assist seniors in aging in place with enhanced safety, security and quality of life. These technological solutions have not only saved lives but also contributed to extending life expectancy while also reducing hospital readmissions of the Veterans Home Care clients over 39 percent.

“I am driven by data indicating that every additional year of healthier living can contribute approximately $32 trillion to the U.S. economy,” said Laiderman. “We advocate for a shift toward incentivizing healthcare professionals to engage in proactive testing and support, thereby enhancing overall health and well-being.”

According to Laiderman, his 42-year partnership with his wife in both life and business has profoundly shaped him. “My ability to grasp the business’s potential, envision its growth and expand it far beyond what we initially imagined was a testament to our complementary strengths,” he said. “The success of Veterans Home Care is as much a reflection of our combined spirits as it is of our business acumen.”

Laiderman said that Bonnie’s idea and his insights created a synergy that propelled the business forward, but it was their mutual dedication to helping others that truly defined the journey. “The legacy of care, empathy and strategic growth is my secret superpower, continuing to guide me in my endeavors and relationships,” said Laiderman.

For his commitment to helping others and fulfilling his late wife’s vision, Laiderman has been named a titan.

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My secret superpower has been profoundly shaped by my 42-year partnership with my wife, Bonnie, in both life and business. Bonnie’s visionary idea for Veterans Home Care, born from a personal experience, was the seed that blossomed under our joint care. My ability to grasp the business’s potential, envision its growth, and expand it far beyond what we initially imagined was a testament to our complementary strengths. Together, we navigated the business landscape, often playing the roles of good cop, bad cop, yet always anchored by a shared commitment to empathy and service, particularly towards the senior and veteran communities.


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