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Doug Eisenhart Cambridge Air Solutions

Doug Eisenhart


Cambridge Air Solutions

Location: Chesterfield, MO

Founded: 1963

Industry: Manufacturing

When Doug Eisenhart joined Cambridge Air Solutions in 2014 as the director of sales and channel management, he expanded and reorganized its U.S. and Canadian sales management team. “Doug’s experience in leading third-party representative networks in the CPG industry proved fruitful,” said his colleagues. “Working with the owner and the leadership team, Doug’s team codified the sales management process – the roadmap for third-party representative success.”

Over the next five years, the firm grew exponentially, doubling in revenues. Eisenhart was named vice president and joined the leadership team to assume additional responsibilities in marketing, customer service, applications engineering and customer quality. By 2021, he was named president, joined the organization’s advisory board and was instrumental in doubling revenues again, driving growth through the disruption of the COVID and post COVID business cycles.

Cambridge Air Solutions is a second-generation, family-owned business specializing in industrial HVAC manufacturing, celebrating its 60th year in business.

Under Eisenhart’s leadership, the firm launched three new product lines for industrial customers that were seeking decarbonization initiatives in their operations. However, Eisenhart is most proud of the leadership team that has been assembled to create and guide the organization toward its vision.

“Doug believes deeply in organizational health as the driving force behind the success of the organization,” said his staff.

According to Eisenhart, creating a positive culture enhances productivity. “When we can go home better to our families because we know that we are valued and respected co-creators at Cambridge, we show up energized, curious and grateful,” he said.

Eisenhart has been instrumental in the implementation of CORE Training for all People Leaders. Roughly, 45 leaders have graduated in the program and are now becoming training facilitators for the next cohorts. “Doug is committed to an inclusive environment,” said his staff. “He believes that all are welcomed at Cambridge and points the organization at exploring new ways to recruit people, especially more women in manufacturing.”

The company has partnered with BI, an adults with disability workshop, and has onboarded a number of adults with disabilities into full-time employment and work independence. “I am so inspired by the look on the faces of the parents of these young people when they graduate to a full-time employee with Cambridge,” said Eisenhart. “These parents are trusting us to take great care of their children as they enter a manufacturing facility and we take that responsibility seriously.”

As an executive known for leading with humility and curiosity, it seems only natural that Eisenhart would be named a titan.

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I think I have two superpowers that are complementary. I have the ability to hyper focus. I’ve experienced the visual slowing down of a baseball at the plate, or seeing details others may not see. The way that shows up today is simplifying details into understandable themes. The second is that I tend to be a futurist. I can see a better future through changes that may be possible. In my role as the Integrator (President) at Cambridge, the ability to focus on the details that will lead to the future state helps me to serve our CEO and the Leadership Team charged with delivering the vision.


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