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Donna Calamia Persimmon Woods Golf Club

Donna Calamia

President, Majority Owner & CEO

Persimmon Woods Golf Club

Location: Weldon Springs, MO

Founded: 1997

Industry: Leisure

Donna Calamia’s journey in the private club industry spans nearly 33 years, which led her to Persimmon Woods Golf Club in 2003. “Donna played a pivotal role in the growth and development of Persimmon Woods Golf Club, crafting a unique perspective that cultivates unwavering loyalty among both members and employees,” said her staff. “At the heart of her approach lies a philosophy deeply rooted in the spirit of continuous improvement.”

Nestled in the West Suburbs of the St. Louis Metro area, Persimmon Woods Golf Club embodies the essence of golf purity with a mission to be the absolute best private golf club in the Midwest.

Under Calamia’s leadership, the private club has become a paragon of industry excellence, delivering top-tier services and high-quality products. Persimmon Woods Golf Club secured a coveted spot on Golfweek Magazine’s top five private clubs in the state for multiple years. In addition, the golf shop staff consistently garners awards for merchandising and professionalism.

In 2024, Calamia will guide a substantial investment exceeding $2 million in capital projects for the golf course.

“At the heart of Donna’s leadership philosophy lies the internal motto of Absurd Hospitality,” said her staff. “Donna is not just the industry standards she raised but the human touch she infuses into every aspect of her business, which is a touch that makes her a revered and transformative figure in the golfing realm.”

As a pioneer for others, Calamia is a force when it comes to philanthropic endeavors. She has been involved with St. Louis charities such as Carneys Kids, Catholic Charities, Feed My People and Operation Food Search. Calamia also hosts and facilitates a golf tournament for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis, raising over $1.5 million for the organization to date.

As a leader, Calamia said it takes certain attributes to be a successful leader. “A successful leader must have a positive mindset, a clear and inspiring vision for the company, integrity, innovation, the ability to encourage creativity in others and the courage to make decisions and take calculated risks with conviction,” she said.

Navigating the role of a female owner in the predominantly male-dominated golf industry inherently carries its own risk and challenges; however, Calamia has strategically implemented innovative changes. “I firmly believe that a female presence in the golf landscape signifies not just progress but a transformative force breaking gender barriers and instigating positive change in this historically exclusive domain.”

Her success as an entrepreneur and philanthropist have earned Calamia a spot as a Titan 100.

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