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Brian Boettler United Yacht Sales

Brian Boettler

Chief Executive Officer

United Yacht Sales

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2002

Industry: Yacht Brokerage

The greatest leadership lesson Brian Boettler has learned in the last year since being named one of St. Louis’ 100 Titans has been to take the “forest for the trees” approach to managing his organizations and to observe and try to understand the larger market forces in play to better guide decisions and paths of growth that may lead to greater opportunities in the future.

“By taking the approach of seeing the bigger picture and to use this information to guide decisions at even a more granular level has, in my experience, been a fantastic success and is a leadership lesson that I’m very grateful for having been able to learn,” said Boettler.

This approach continues to serve him well as the CEO of United Yacht Sales.

United Yacht Sales is the largest network of buyers and sellers of worldwide yachts. Much more than other brokerage firms in the industry, the company’s goal is to make the buying and selling of yachts as effortless as possible.

Boettler said that because the organizations he leads are varied, but all have a similar component by design, he has made it a point to not only meet each and every new hire but get to know them personally to aid in their growth within the company. “We all need to start somewhere, and it is a point of pride with me that my companies have been the start of so many successful careers over the years,” he said. “To see an apprenticed carpenter or a new broker move on to positions of more responsibility and leadership and see the pride in them that fosters has been something I am truly thankful for having the opportunity to provide.”

Moving toward the future, Boettler said relying on the talent of his leadership teams has allowed him the expanded freedom to take wider views of the economy as a whole and to leverage the accrued wealth of knowledge gained over his decades of leadership to expand his investments into several new markets.

“Being the president of a nationally operating construction firm and the CEO of a multinational yacht brokerage would seem to be an onerous affair, but I have built fantastic management teams across all my organizations that leave me able to stay out of the ‘nitty gritty’ of the businesses and view and make decisions based on a higher level of understanding of larger market forces,” said Boettler.

For continuing to foster growth among his staff and the community, Boettler has been named a Titan 100 for the second year in a row.

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My secret superpower is that I never lose enthusiasm. I’ve been a business leader for more than half my life at this point and I still jump into each new day at my existing enterprises as if they were each a new endeavor. I think it’s very important for a business leader to stay engaged as much as possible and not fall into a rut.


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