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Louis J DeCesare Jr

President & COO

Hyperion Bank

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Founded: 2006

Industry: Banking

Louis J. DeCesare Jr. is an accomplished banking executive and leader in the community banking industry. With over 30 years of experience, DeCesare’s journey in banking began at the age of 16, when he started working part-time in the industry. This early exposure and the influence of his father, who ran large manufacturing companies, instilled in him a strong work ethic and a passion for business management.

In 2006, DeCesare took on the role of president and chief operating officer at Hyperion Bank, which was struggling at the time. Under DeCesare’s leadership, Hyperion Bank achieved profitability within his first quarter and remained profitable until its recapitalization in 2017.

“Joining an organization in turmoil that lacks direction,” was the biggest professional risk of DeCesare’s career, he said. “Organizations like this are very risky for an employee but also present a big opportunity for advancement if you become part of the solution.”

Today, Hyperion Bank is committed to serving the banking needs of the greater Philadelphia and Atlanta regions. “DeCesare envisions Hyperion Bank becoming a larger force in these communities by attracting and retaining top banking talent, providing exceptional service and local decision-making from experienced professionals,” the financial institution said.

DeCesare encourages his team to be engaged in the communities they serve. He believes that by nurturing new leaders within the financial institution and maintaining strong connections with the community, Hyperion can achieve its growth objectives.

Throughout his career, DeCesare has led relationship management teams, providing personalized financing, deposit services and cash management solutions to businesses and individuals. DeCesare has a track record of successfully turning around underperforming departments and financial institutions, leveraging his problem-solving skills and strategic mindset.

DeCesare earned both a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from LaSalle University. He serves on the board of Friends Rehabilitation Program, a Quaker-related nonprofit organization that provides housing and social services for low- and moderate-income households. “He values giving back to the community and lives by the Quaker values of caring and respect for every member of the community,” his team said.

DeCesare also takes pride in coaching his sons’ AAU basketball teams for years, and he plays golf and tennis, staying active and balanced in his personal life.

When faced with a complex business problem, DeCesare turns to his team for guidance. “First, listen to my teammates and be sure we understand the challenges in front of us,” he said. “Then brainstorm with the team on how to best meet those challenges. I am blessed with a terrific team that works together to find solutions to the different challenges we face on an ongoing basis.”

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Did you know?

Just one? No way, Lou always over-delivers! In college Lou was a founding member of his church choir and the lead singer in a rock band. Also, Lou coached his sons’ basketball teams (AAU league) and his coworker Lauren Flowers says she believes that coaching helped Lou become a successful manager. He has coached and mentored many of us at the bank; it’s an effective style he has mastered.


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