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Keith Baldwin

Managing Partner & CRO

Spike’s Trophies Ltd.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Founded: 1929

Industry: Awards & Sign Manufacturer / Promotional Products Distributor

Keith Baldwin is the chief relationship officer and managing partner of Spike’s Trophies Ltd., an awards and sign manufacturing company founded in 1929. With more than 45 years of experience in the industry, Baldwin has dedicated his entire career to Spike’s, starting as a teenage employee and working his way up to becoming the owner.

Throughout his journey at Spike’s, Keith has gained a deep understanding of all aspects of the business, from assembly and engraving to his current executive role. Under Baldwin’s leadership, Spike’s has grown from a small operation with a few associates to a thriving company with a workforce of over 40 people.

Baldwin’s passion for the awards industry extends beyond his role at Spike’s. He serves as the president of Award Associates of America, the largest buying consortium in the awards industry, and he actively contributes to various business groups and organizations. He is a member of Business Clubs of America, Philadelphia Business Executives, Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center’s CEO Forum and the Pyramid Club. Baldwin has also served as the chair of the Small Business Council of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

Baldwin is a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program alumni. He is a published author and speaker, writing the book “A Leap Year of Firsts.” He received the APA Speaker of the Year Award. Baldwin also is working on his first TEDx Talk, drawing lessons from his “Leap Year of Firsts” experience.

In January 2020, Baldwin committed to doing something for the first time every day. This endeavor took an unexpected turn when the pandemic hit, presenting Baldwin with both unwanted and inspirational firsts. Facing the challenging task of laying off his associates, Baldwin was able to save their jobs by transforming Spike’s into a call center. This experience led Baldwin to realize that his “why” is centered around saving jobs and, in turn, saving lives.

Baldwin called the shift the greatest professional risk in his career. “A job provides people with a purpose, a means, and hope. I took the risk of sleeping on the streets of Center City Philadelphia in December, with the homeless, during the pandemic, to gain an appreciation and understanding of what it is like to lose everything,” he said.

At Spike’s Trophies, the mission is to be a fast and dependable recognition resource, assisting clients in recognizing people, brands and identity, the company said. In the next five years, Spike’s aims to automate processes while enhancing its online presence. They strive to apply lean principles, seek strategic acquisitions and build niche websites to serve personalized recognition opportunities. The vision is to become a disruptive tech company, allowing customers to express their emotions quickly and permanently through improved online order processing and national fulfillment partners, the business said.

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Did you know?

This reformed shy person challenged himself to do a stand-up comedy act for the first time in his life this past year. Keith took a 5-class course, graduating on stage with a 15 minute performance in front of an audience of 100 people at the ACT II Playhouse in Ambler, PA.


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