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David Regn

Co-Founder & CEO

Stream Companies

Location: West Chester, PA

Founded: 1996

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

David Regn shifted his mindset in 2022 when he faced unprecedented challenges due to “the great resignation.” Regn expanded the internal leadership team, incorporating directors, promising leaders and subject matter specialists and ensuring they were invested in the company’s success.

He launched initiatives to illustrate opportunities within the company, incentivize and appreciate team members and empower middle managers to become effective leaders capable of solving problems and pivoting when needed. As a result of these efforts, Stream Companies successfully navigated the challenging period and celebrated its 27th year of growth, a testament to Regn’s planning and leadership as chief executive officer and co-founder of the company.

Stream Companies operates as a full-service, tech-enabled advertising agency. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in advertising and digital marketing, the company uses a data-driven approach to deliver retail traffic to businesses across the United States, fueled by a team of 450 employees.

Regn also leads fullthrottle.ai, an adtech software- as-a-service company. Empowered by advanced artificial intelligence and patented technology, fullthrottle.ai delivers data-driven retail solutions for agencies, media companies and brands.

“The most important risk was to invest into adtech before the masses recognized its value,” Regn said. “In the entrepreneurial environment we’ve created in our organization, we are constantly approached with well-thought ideas that can either improve our business and team’s experience or our client’s businesses and customer experience. As these technology solutions started growing, we had to make a decision to double down and invest to grow it to what we believed it could be, or wait and see if people and clients outside of the organization believed in what we were doing. Thousands of customers and an approved patent later, I’d say the risk was more than worth it.”

Aside from his business ventures, Regn is passionate about mentoring and investing in future leaders, inviting them to join the executive and leadership teams at his companies. He believes in cultivating an environment in which multiple levels of leaders collaborate across silos, aligned in the pursuit of overall company growth, the company said. This is Regn’s second appearance on the Titan 100 list.

“I personally also am invested on numerous boards and charities like Cabrini University and HEADstrong Foundation and encourage our team members to contribute to their passion in the community as well,” Regn said. “I look at the company I co-founded and the executive team of 18 that has grown from the companies with tenure ranging from six years to 19 years. Some of whom have won incredible accolades themselves and have started their own mentorship and charitable efforts. I believe impact can be measured by the lives improved, the growth in title, the expanding families and the positive marks left by the hard work of our team in their own communities.”

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