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David Howry

Chief Human Resources Officer

Holt Logistics Corp

Location: Gloucester City, PA

Founded: 1926

Industry: Terminal Operations & Logistics

David Howry is the chief human resources officer at Holt Logistics Corp, a provider of terminal operations and logistics services. David plays a vital role in shaping the company’s culture, talent strategy and overall organizational performance.

Holt Logistics Corp has a rich history that dates back to 1926, when Leo Holt purchased a single truck and laid the foundation for what would become a thriving transportation business. Today, under the leadership of Tom Holt’s sons and grandsons, the company has expanded into port operations, warehousing and a range of other logistics services.

In his role as chief human resources officer, Howry has helped to transform the company’s human resources function into a strategic partner for the business. He brings a wealth of experience from various industries and ownership structures, enabling him to develop and execute a comprehensive human capital strategy that aligns with the company’s goals and values, the company said.

Howry has rebuilt the human resources (HR) team, instilling a sense of credibility and support within the organization. By establishing a talent strategy and succession plan, he ensures that the company has the right people in critical positions to drive sustainable growth, the company said. Howry has also implemented more efficient processes, mitigated risks and achieved cost savings in areas such as retirement advisory fees.

One of Howry’s notable achievements is his role in improving cross-functional and interdepartmental relationships within the company. He addressed communication breakdowns and fostered unity among teams, resulting in improved collaboration and information sharing, the company said.

Howry previously led the HR department in a privately held technology company that went through a public offering. He chose to leave to find his next challenge.

“Although I could have remained in the company to finish out my career, I did not want to become complacent and stale in professional learning and experience,” Howry said. “I took the risk and started my own consulting business to work with a former CEO to provide strategic human resources leadership for a small technology company as I looked for my next opportunity.

“The decision to leave at that time had many risks. At that time, we were still coming out of COVID and I was later in my career than most of my colleagues looking for their next HR executive opportunity. In addition, I was finishing final tuition payments for my daughters as well as (paying for) a wedding. Over 15 months, I expanded my network and interviewed for many opportunities. I made it to the final round on several opportunities where the position was given to an individual that was earlier in their career.

“The risk taken eventually paid off with me becoming the first chief human resources officer at a very successful family-owned logistics company in Philadelphia. The decision was one of the best decisions I have made in my career, and I can thrive in leading an organization that is starving for HR leadership.”

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Did you know?

The individual enjoys serving in the community to support disadvantaged youth in Philadelphia. He serves as a volunteer for Hope for Kids and the Saturday Camp Miracles program. On Saturdays, he serves breakfast and lunch to the children and joins in on the activities.Giving back and providing mentorship and guidance to those in need is one of his passions.


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