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Ty Van Der Wees Ingenico

Tyrone van der Wees

Chief Financial Officer


Location: Alpharetta

Founded: 1980

Industry: Fintech

Tyrone van der Wees’ roots lie deeply entrenched in entrepreneurship, courtesy of his father’s inspiring saga of building a flourishing beauty supplies distribution empire from scratch in the Netherlands. This familial narrative ignited van der Wees’ impassioned drive to tread the same entrepreneurial path and establish his mark in the business world.

During his college tenure, van der Wees dabbled in launching multiple smaller ventures before joining Deloitte, where he finely honed his auditing skills. He transitioned to a Finnish media company with a pivotal leap to Sandvik that propelled his career into an accelerated trajectory. “At Sandvik and later at Ingenico, Ty found himself at the helm of numerous projects that generated substantial value,” said his staff. “His exceptional skill set not only led to significant contributions but also elevated him to senior positions across diverse landscapes.”

van der Wees now serves as the CFO of Ingenico, a fintech company, where he turned around a previously loss-making division within just nine months, ultimately safeguarding 50 jobs. “This isn’t just about financial success; it’s about sustaining livelihoods and contributing to the well-being of the employees,” said his staff. “Ty’s success story highlights the power of strategic thinking, resilience and commitment to creating value in challenging situations.”

His leadership has spearheaded multiple software integrations, propelling finance organizations toward higher efficiency and effectiveness while fostering greater job satisfaction and improved work-life balance for finance teams operating on a global scale.

According to van der Wees, empowering a team is a crucial attribute for a leader. “Cultivating a culture that encourages and empowers teams fosters creativity, ownership and collaborative problem-solving,” he said. “Embracing innovation fosters growth and competitive advantage, especially in a rapidly evolving sector like finance and fintech.”

In addition, van der Wees said successful leaders must embrace risk management and strategic vision. “Being able to balance risk and opportunity is crucial for sustainable growth and ensuring the organization’s stability,” he said.

In the trajectory of his career, sacrifices became part of the journey, said van der Wees, who took the leap beyond his comfort zone to relocate his family across various countries worldwide. “However, these relocations turned out to be transformative experiences, marking pivotal successes that notably accelerated and enriched my professional growth,” he said. “They offered a broader perspective, expanded networks and unique learning opportunities that became instrumental in propelling my career to new heights.”

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One of my distinctive abilities lies in my knack for pinpointing underperforming or inefficient areas within organizations. Once these areas are identified, my strength lies in devising and implementing sustainable solutions that bring about meaningful improvement. What sets my approach apart is the collaborative nature of my methods—I believe in engaging diverse perspectives and working collectively to implement changes that not only address immediate issues but also foster a culture of continuous improvement. This collaborative effort ensures that the enhancements made have a lasting, positive impact on the organization as a whole.


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