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Tyese Lawyer Our House, Inc

Tyese Lawyer

President & CEO

Our House Inc.

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 1987

Industry: Our House, Inc.

Tyese Lawyer’s career has been dedicated to supporting children and families who have historically lacked opportunity and access in society. Raised in a low-resourced family who believed in education as a pathway to greater participation in society afforded Lawyer the opportunity to achieve a master’s degree and to explore ways to give back.

Lawyer began working in a home for teen mothers as a psychology intern and ultimately moved into various roles such as an income worker, case manager, head start director and deputy director. These roles positioned her uniquely for what has become a 20-year investment in the children and families in metro Atlanta. In May 2004, Lawyer began her mission at Our House Inc. where she currently serves as the president and CEO.

Founded in 1987 to provide a safe day space for children from families experiencing homelessness, Our House Inc. has a mission to provide transformative care to end the cycle of homelessness and has grown into a multi-service organization addressing the social determinants of health for families in the community. In 2014, the organization merged with Genesis Shelter and in 2022, combined with Community Advanced Practice Nurses to establish Our House Health.

Within the first four years at Our House, Lawyer led the organization through its first capital campaign which allowed for the construction of a new facility and doubled the service capacity. In her role, Lawyer has focused her work on increasing opportunities and access for those impacted by structural racism and has been an advocate for policies that support the families and children of Our House.

Under Lawyer’s leadership, the organization has grown by 1600% with revenues increased by 240% since 2020.

Lawyer credits innovation and flexibility as key traits that help her lead the nonprofit. “For the last several years, there has been an extraordinary amount of change, uncertainty and even risk in the world,” she said. “To continue to be successful and navigate the technological advances, the increased visibility of our systemic inequities, the changing needs of communities and staff, leaders must be willing to be flexible and innovate.”

According to Lawyer, she relies on her ability to absorb and process information with intent to achieve goals as a leader. “Utilizing this skill in my career has allowed me to see potential paths, outcomes and gateways toward leading our organization toward increased mission delivery,” she said.

Embracing a quest to learn is something Lawyer said she continues to practice in her role. “One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received and practice to this day comes from my mother; learn something new each day,” she said. “I have embraced that as a part of my daily tasks in life and approach each day with curiosity and a desire to know more than I did the day before.”

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My secret superpower is my ability to absorb and process information with intent to achieve goals. Utilizing this skill in my career has allowed me to see potential paths, outcomes, and gateways towards leading our organization toward increased mission delivery. Over the years, I have with the help of excellent board members, staff members and other supporters been able to chart new courses for services and respond to shifts in needs in our community that are effective and responsive


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