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Tonia Scofield Genesys Health

Tonia Scofield

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Genesys Health

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2018

Industry: Insurance Brokerage Services, Health and Welfare Consulting

Tonia Scofield’s career kicked off on the insurance carrier side where she dealt with brokers and consultants. “It was my initial exposure to the glaring issues within the healthcare system,” said Scofield. “Witnessing employers facing 20% increases and health plan deductibles soaring, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something had to change.”

After witnessing high deductible plans take a toll on people’s lives as they hesitate to seek medical help due to hefty bills, Scofield made a pivotal career move from the insurance carrier world to becoming a benefits consultant. “This shift opened up a world of solutions to help both employers and employees,” she said. “The excitement of this newfound role set the stage for what would eventually become Genesys Health.”

The dream of building a team that can thrive in every aspect of life became the driving force behind Genesys Health, said Scofield. “Our journey is a testament to the belief that together is better,” she said. “As we continue to grow, we’re not just building a successful business; we’re creating a fulfilling and meaningful journey for everyone involved.”

Genesys Health is a health and wellness insurance consulting firm dedicated to providing comprehensive benefits for employees, driven by a profound passion for the individuals within the organizations it serves. Founded in 2018, the firm operates as a women-owned firm and serves as trusted advisors and change designers, prioritizing the well-being of individuals and organizations it partners with.

Under Scofield’s leadership, Genesys Health has made substantial impacts on the employers served. “We’ve dismantled barriers to healthcare, allowing employees to access free healthcare while saving companies millions,” she said. “Through the Genesys Process, we catch potential health issues before they escalate, and as a result, employers save money, bend trends and employees thrive both at work and home.”

It was a significant risk for Scofield to depart from the security of a large publicly traded corporate firm. “Reflecting on this journey, I see the risk as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, reinforcing the belief that meaningful change often requires stepping outside the comfort zone,” said Scofield. “While the journey has had its challenges, the positive impact on individuals, organizations and the industry reaffirms the significance of this strategic risk.”

Looking toward the future, Scofield said the vision is to continue growing intentionally and triple in size over the next five years. “The growth is not just about numbers; it’s about building more teams that embody the Genesys Approach,” she said.

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