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Terri Jondahl Cab Worldwide Llc

Terri Jondahl

Chairman & CEO

CAB Worldwide LLC

Location: Buford

Founded: 1982

Industry: Manufacturing and Distribution

Starting in the 1980s in the steel products business as a woman in a male-dominated industry developed the first layer of “steel” in Terri Jondahl’s management style. “At a time when female leadership in the steel industry was relatively rare, Terri was able to become a reliable source of technical knowledge and operational knowledge in every aspect of the business – including sales, manufacturing, quality assurance and finance,” said her colleagues.

As the chairman and CEO of CAB Worldwide LLC, Jondahl’s push to diversify the company by adding new product lines across multiple industries have created a stronger foundation upon which the company continues to build upon.

CAB Worldwide LLC specializes in manufacturing and distribution of precision machined iron and steel components and assemblies, serving hydraulic, automotive, rail, construction, waterworks and a variety of other industries.

When Jondahl became a shareholder in CAB in 1995, the firm had revenues of $3.5 million. Since then, the company has grown through the addition of multiple product lines, the acquisition of the company with whom she was formerly employed, the expansion of manufacturing and distribution operations in the U.S. and Canada and the expansion into increasingly complex precision products.

“Determined to find a way to rebuild a stronger and more diversified company, Terri led CAB through exceptional financial difficulties and made strategic pivots away from the very cyclical and risky wind industry and into a much more diversified customer base servicing hydraulics, automotive, rail, waterworks infrastructure and a variety of other industrial sectors,” said her colleagues.

By 2022, the company had grown to $85 million in revenues with a significant pipeline in place to continue a very strong growth trajectory.

“Building a resilient and yet adaptable organization able to pivot to meet market opportunities and shield against market, geopolitical and technical risks have been a hallmark of Terri’s leadership,” said her staff. “Her strength in the face of great challenge combined with her commitment to all of her stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees and their families, has created a company that others are proud to do business with or work for.”

Her efforts have earned Jondahl recognition as one of the Top 20 Women Owned Businesses in the Atlanta Region and the Gwinnet Chamber Moxie Influence Award.

“In my view and experience, adaptability and resilience are the critical attributes needed for a leader to succeed,” said Jondahl.

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Did you know?

It’s probably not much of a secret, but I think that being a savvy and street-smart business leader, balanced with a heart that is deeply concerned for all stakeholders in our business could be considered a super-power. Stakeholders include employees and their families, customers, suppliers, and investment partners. This, and my legendary love for pretty much every furry critter in the world, provides me with ‘super’ credibility when making the tough decisions needed in business.


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