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Terrence Evans - TJFACT, LLC

Terrence Evans

President & CEO


Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2009

Industry: Government Contracting

In 2009, Terrence Evans went all-in to start TJFACT LLC, leaving a fairly lucrative career with a stable employer to 100% invest his time and resources to build the business. He did this at a time when the economy was trying to recover from a market crash and instability, adding to the risk. “I believe the reward would far outweigh the risk in the long run,” he said. “It was not comfortable to do so, but I believe it was necessary to take the leap and leave my job so I could devote the proper amount of time and effort to build the company the right way.”

TJFACT LLC is a federal government contractor with the objective of providing staff augmentation support that complements government staff by employing and assigning contractor personnel solutions to perform non-personal services in a range of functional areas that include program management, administrative support, IT management, communications, logistics/facilities management, security vetting and linguistics.

In the last year since Evans was named a Titan 100, he established TJFACT’s Small Business Incubator/Accelerator Program that accomplished three federal government contract awards resulting in close to $15 million in total awarded contract value in less than a year. The firm also established an SBA-approved mentor-protégé relationship and subsequent joint venture with a mentee firm in the program to facilitate strategic growth and business development for this organization and strengthen its positioning to pursue federal government contract opportunities.

As a leader, Evans said he surrounds himself with a leadership staff he can trust and count on to offer viewpoints and ideas to solve problems that he can compare with his own. “My company wins because our process is to discuss complex challenges as a team, valuing the perspective of all to result in developing a solution that presents the most viable options to resolve the issue,” he said.

Strong leadership also means caring about his employees and their families, said Evans. “I never take for granted the sacrifices my employees make for my company, that at times, can take them away from their families while they complete a critical task,” he said. “It is difficult to have success in our industry if you can’t foster retention of staff, so showing them how much I care about them is my reasonable service in exchange for the effort they provide to ensure my company is successful.”

Inspiring others has also been at the forefront of his leadership and his recognition as a second-year Titan 100.

“Being recognized as a Titan 100 means that I have inspired others by being consistent in demonstrating and providing service and mentorship to contribute to a culture of leadership that strives to do good in the community, in the lives of employees and in inspiring the next generation of titans.”

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