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Steven Ferguson - Georgia Institute of Technology

Steven Ferguson

Managing Director

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia AIM)

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 1885

Industry: Higher Educaton

In his role as chief information officer at the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), fostering an environment for the next generation of leaders has been at the cornerstone of Steven Ferguson’s work. “My approach to nurturing the next generation is multi-faceted, encompassing service work, mentorship and the creation of innovative educational pathways,” said Ferguson.

Technical College System of Georgia is a public higher education system with 88 campuses, 450 adult education sites and 35+ career centers that served over 550,000 citizens last year. The organization exists to recruit and grow a globally competitive workforce through education, training and career services for Georgia’s citizens, employers and communities.

Since Ferguson was named a Titan 100 last year, he has led the pivotal transformation in technical education, marking his greatest accomplishment to date. Amid a national decline in college enrollments, the college system achieved a 3% increase in enrollment over the year, culminating in a record-setting 9% growth in the fall compared to the previous year.

“The national trend shifting toward skills-focused and shorter-term credentials created a ripe opportunity for TCSG,” said Ferguson. “We recognized the growing preference for education that aligns closely with industry needs and efficiently prepares students for the workforce without the burden of excessive debt by launching targeted programs designed to meet the immediate requirements of employers across Georgia.”

In the last year, Ferguson also spearheaded the college’s architectural development and deployment of GEORGIA MATCH, the largest direct-to-college admissions program in the nation that has impacted over 120,000 high school seniors annually. The initiative was born from an acute awareness of a significant gap in the education system – annually in Georgia, about half of high school graduates do not pursue higher education.

“Many of these students are economically disadvantaged or lack the guidance needed to navigate the college admissions process,” said Ferguson. “Our goal was to streamline their journey from application to the first day of class, ensuring every student, especially those first in their family to attend college, received support and encouragement.” In addition, Ferguson said that through the program, the college is committed to closing Georgia’s skills gap, changing lives and shaping future generations.

As a leader, Ferguson said it’s essential to be decisive and adaptable. “We have to be forward-thinking and visionary, while also making strategic decisions to take quick action as markets change,” he said. “Collaborative leaders will outperform their traditional command and control peers, especially when it comes to surviving industry disruptions.”

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