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Stacey Champman Croft & Associates

Stacey Chapman

Principal & Partner

CROFT & Associates

Location: Kennesaw

Founded: 2004

Industry: Architecture & Engineering

As a woman in the very male-dominated industry, it can sometimes be a challenge to rise through the ranks and have influence, but according to her staff, Stacey Chapman has figured out the formula and has not allowed any barrier to slow her down.

Chapman was promoted to the position of senior vice president, partner and shareholder in January 2022 and assumed additional leadership responsibilities, most notably around the company’s growth and expansion nationally. In this role, Chapman, a 23-year industry veteran, leads business development and strategic initiatives across all levels of the organization.

CROFT & Associates is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary architecture and engineering firm that serves clients internationally across diverse public and private headquarters. Headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia with offices in Lawrenceville, GA, Golden, CO and Charlotte, NC, CROFT completes over 200 projects annually, providing in-house design services that include architecture, interior design, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil and energy engineering and construction administration. CROFT manages more than $750 million in construction on new and renovated facilities each year.

“It was an easy decision to invite Stacey to become a shareholder at CROFT,” said company Founder and President Jim Croft. “She is a difference maker; she is the rare person that is focused and relentless on execution while also being capable of excellent strategic thought.”

While at CROFT & Associates, Chapman has led or assisted in the efforts of more than 700 project wins, amassing over $25 million in design fees and contributing to a sales increase of over 50% and an increase in revenue by 45%. Her proudest accomplishment has been the establishment of CROFT Cares, the company’s giving and volunteerism program, and CROFT LeadHERship, a professional development initiative which educates women not only in the firm, but business partners as well, about contract negotiations, operations, budgets, marketing and other business functions to help them on their path to leadership.

According to Chapman, in a male-dominated technical field of architecture and engineering, female leaders play a crucial role in fostering diverse leadership. “Visionary outlook, empathy and effective communication are essential for navigating this market space,” she said. “Leaders must emphasize sustainability, value diverse perspectives and communicate goals and vision clearly.”

Becoming a leader at CROFT was a risky venture filled with many unknowns, said Chapman. “Their belief in my potential, acknowledging me with a ‘seat at the table’ became the core of my journey,” she said. “I wanted them to be proud of the decision they had entrusted in me; the risk extended beyond personal insecurities, encompassing the collaborative endeavor of becoming an owner and relying on the collective strength and knowledge of the team.”

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If I had to define my superpower, I would say it’s the art of uplifting and inspiring others – developing buy-in. With each conversation, I embark on a mission to make people feel better about themselves and recognize and magnify their brilliance. It’s not about capes or masks but the profound impact of positive words that build buy-in on the firm, objectives, and goals. I aim to elevate spirits and help demonstrate the extraordinary within each person. Business is often overshadowed by challenges, but I think I have the ability to recognize when someone needs those extra words of encouragement or motivation to get to the next level, or even a solution to the challenge they are facing. I’d love to consider myself as a real-life hero spreading joy, empowerment, and words of wisdom that lasts long after our interactions.


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