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Ramesh Maturu - Pyramid Consulting Inc.

Ramesh Maturu


Pyramid Consulting Inc.

Location: Alpharetta

Founded: 1996

Industry: Information Technology and Staffing Services

Ramesh Maturu began his IT career in the document processing industry in 1986 and worked as an analyst with a leading global IT service and consulting company for a decade, but always hoped to explore the road to entrepreneurship. The moment came in 1996 when he, along with Sanjeev and Namita Tirath, founded Pyramid Consulting Inc. with a vision to deliver the highest quality IT services.

Pyramid Consulting Inc. is a people-oriented staffing and technology company based in Alpharetta, Georgia, serving leading organizations including Fortune 500 companies with talent and technology solutions to enable transformation and help them meet their business goals and objectives. An award-winning global IT company, Pyramid Consulting is recognized as one of the leading and most reliable sources of the best total talent and technology services in the industry.

Under Maturu’s leadership, within four years, the firm generated $10 million in revenues and developed a loyal following among startups. The 2001 dot.com bust led to significant losses. “The setbacks only made us stronger and more motivated,” said Maturu. “We learned some valuable lessons, changed our business approach and progressed with a new strategy.”

By 2005, the firm reached the $50 million revenue mark and received the prestigious NMSDC Supplier of the Year award. Since then, Pyramid Consulting, under Maturu’s leadership, has managed to double revenues every five years and has crossed the $500 million mark in revenue. “During our long 27-year journey, we have managed to grow our company not only in terms of revenue, but also in terms of value,” said Maturu. “We have become community centric as an organization and look forward to making a change, especially in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion.”

As part of these efforts, Maturu was instrumental in creating the Pyramid Cares initiative, encouraging giving time, effort and funds back to the communities the firm serves globally. He is also involved in organizations to support up-and-coming entrepreneurs through mentoring.

“The most important attributes of a successful leader today include the ability to listen and pay equal attention to all inputs, opinions and ideas from across the team,” said Maturu. “From this comes the ability to make responsible decisions – showing compassion is important and a much-overlooked skill.”

Taking risks is also a crucial element of building a startup from the ground and navigating setbacks and even the COVID-19 pandemic, said Maturu. “We know that successful leaders have to sacrifice a lot to get to where they are, and I am no exception.”

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