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Pramod Sajja Paramount Software Solutions

Pramod Sajja

President & CEO

Paramount Software Solutions Inc.

Location: Alpharetta

Founded: 1998

Industry: Information Technology

When faced with complex problems, Pramod Sajja’s conviction is that nothing is unsolvable. “When a problem insinuates complexity, I look to understand the intricacies of the issue,” he said. “Even for experts, trial and error is often required.”

Solving complex issues and developing solutions is at the core of Sajja’s role as president of Paramount Software Solutions Inc., an IT consulting and services/staffing firm. The company’s mission is to be a leading technology partner solving sustainability, community and business challenges through transformative technology and smarter solutions while empowering SMBs and communities to break barriers as they chase phenomenal goals.

Over the past year, Sajja, a second-time Titan 100, has been instrumental in establishing the company’s flagship blockchain product – Farm to Plate – which he notes is one of the biggest risks he has taken. “We became early adopters of Blockchain and AI, recognizing the potential to bring a 360-degree transformation to how technology enables the supply chain,” said Sajja. “Our solution enables our customers to get an accurate, precise picture of their supply chain so they can predict their business with complete assurance.”

While the endeavor was risky, Sajja said it has been quick to reward. It has resonated with parties such as the Royal Family of Dubai and the Government of the UAE, as well as leaders present at the G20 Summit held in India recently. With this and other products built on blockchain and AI, Sajja said he anticipates being the leading blockchain firm in the technology sector in 2024.

He has also been immersed in seeking out partnerships to gain exclusive market access and identifying new markets where there is a need for products. As a result, the firm has partnered with multiple governments in the Middle East and North Africa region to establish the firm as a prime technology partner.

“My greatest leadership lesson this year presented itself when we took the decision to enter niche markets outside the obvious and saturated ones,” said Sajja. “We had to translate what this mission meant for individuals and teams: new career opportunities, company growth that would fuel more resources for business investment, as well as a space to develop capabilities in a completely new industry.”

Sajja also strengthened lessons for his work-life balance. As a father of two with three brands and a 350-team member team spread across five continents, Sajja said his superpower is mastering the right balance between work and personal life. “I’ve been asked how I play so many roles in a single day – I say, one at a time,” he said.

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Mastering the right balance between work and personal life.
If you’re a founder, entrepreneur like me, you walk a thin line between work and life – because you’ve built and own your business, it’s your life’s calling. I have two kids, three brands, a 350-member team, spread across 5 continents, many of whom I regularly connect with, and many whom I personally mentor. I maintain close familial ties with a large family and I’m also a mindfulness and fitness aficionado! I’ve been asked, how I play so many roles in a single day – I say, one at a time!


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