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Paul Sansone Techcxo

Paul Sansone

Managing Partner


Location: Grayson

Founded: 2003

Industry: Consulting

With more than 20 years of executive financial leadership experience, Paul Sansone has worked in the e-commerce, enterprise broadband, hi-tech R&D and manufacturing and nonprofit industries throughout his career. His career highlights include reorganizing organizational-wide financial reporting and restructuring while administering $25 million in federal grants as the CFO of The Boys & Girls Clubs of America and serving as the CFO of Better World Books which raised $24 million for literacy programs around the world.

Most recently, Sansone has driven TechCXO’s growth through both leading the Atlanta practice of over 30 partners and his own individual performance as the managing partner for the past seven years. TechCXO helped pioneer the on-demand executive model from a simple belief that high-potential companies can benefit from proven part-time and interim executives who they otherwise may not be able to access due to cost or availability.

The firm has grown top line revenue every year since it started in 2003 and has been a member of the Inc. 500/5000 Fastest Growing private company list for 12 straight years. TechCXO adds approximately 200 new clients each year and has a revenue of more than $50 million. The company continues to add partners that go through an extensive, 15-step review process and diagnostic reviews.

“It’s part of how we ensure our clients are getting a strategic and implementation expert,” said Sansone. “Because on-demand executives enable businesses to stay lean and flexible without compromising expertise and the ability to innovate, 79% of executive leadership inside companies see the on-demand model as a competitive advantage.”

According to Sansone, the experience is rewarding for his clients, partners and himself. “It has been amazing to join such a dynamic group of C-level executives and has brought me great experiences and rewarding relationships.”

Sansone said that as a leader, he gets energy from connecting people to accelerate their personal and professional success. “Leaders can only move a team as fast as the speed of trust,” he said. “Successful leaders are honest, act with integrity and respect and focus on service to others; the best leaders are able to see out the furthest and simplify the complex.”

If he could give advice to his younger self, Sansone said he would suggest focusing on leadership and putting people first. “There is nothing more important than creating a culture for your colleagues to grow and thrive and there is no greater feeling in the world than collective success,” he said.

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I get great energy from connecting people to accelerate their personal and professional success.


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