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Mike Rotondo Altitude Trampoline Park

Mike Rotondo

Chief Executive Officer

Altitude Trampoline Park

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2012

Industry: Entertainment and Recreation

As a Titan 100 Hall of Famer, Mike Rotondo, CEO of Altitude Trampoline Park, said that a successful leader must be truly passionate and enthusiastic about the work they do. “My infectious energy permeates the company and has a ripple effect on employees, customers and stakeholders alike,” he said. “I am also fully dedicated to our company mission of bringing joy and lasting family memories.”

Altitude Trampoline Park is part of the entertainment industry and a premier indoor adventure trampoline park destination that offers exciting activities, games, programs and events for all ages. The company believes in family fun, celebrating life’s moments together and combining activity and an energetic spirit for friends and families to experience.

In the past two years, Rotondo said he has taken great pride in the company’s global expansion and its positive impact on communities worldwide. “Expanding a business internationally is no small feat; it signifies financial success, adaptability and success in diverse markets,” he said. “This accomplishment aligns seamlessly with my entrepreneurial spirit and my deep commitment to Altitude’s mission of spreading joy and creating lasting family memories, transcending borders and making the world happier.”

According to Rotondo, the expansion is not merely business success but a testament to his dedication to bringing happiness to families across the globe. In addition, the recent success is highlighted with remarkable revenue growth and expansion of the company’s footprint. “We have also continued to build on our reputation for offering innovative and unique experiences, which set us apart from competitors and help us attract and retain a loyal customer base,” said Rotondo.

This year has also marked continued commitment to building a positive work culture that is rooted in effective performance management. “By building a solid culture, we are boosting employee satisfaction which translates into improved customer experiences, so it’s a win for all,” said Rotondo.

Rotondo said the company empowers employees to help them professionally and strengthen their confidence while arming them with the right tools so they can perform at their best. These efforts include implementing and continuing to explore technology and tools that allow employees to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively while providing training tools and platforms needed.

Serving as a mentor to others is also important to Rotondo. “My advice to the next generations of titans is to lead with innovation and wisdom while anchoring yourself in unwavering values and a commitment to personal and professional growth,” he said.

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“By building a solid culture, we are boosting employee satisfaction which translates into improved customer experiences, so it’s a win for all.”


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