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Mike Lamb Clearwave Corporation

Mike Lamb

Chief Executive Officer

Clearwave Corporation

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2004

Industry: Clearwave

In today’s dynamic healthcare industry, successful leaders must be adaptable, have visionary thinking and a strong focus on innovation, said Mike Lamb. “Healthcare trends and shifts happen so fast, from the COVID-19 pandemic to shifting to virtual/self-service experiences,” he said. “As a leader, you must be able to adapt to these changes and help your organization adapt as well.”

Adaptability has guided Lamb’s career as a leader and now as the CEO of Clearwave Corporation.

Clearwave Corporation is the patient revenue platform for high-growth practices. Specialty healthcare practices use Clearwave to digitize patient self-scheduling and patient check-in, automate patient communications and create true financial transparency for both patient and practice alike through real-time, automated multi-factor eligibility verification.

As an innovator in the healthcare marketing and SaaS space, with more than three decades of experience in the industry, in his first year at Clearwave, Lamb was pivotal in the 2020 Clearwave acquisition of Odoro, which added patient self-scheduling and call center abilities to the Clearwave Core platform. Under Lamb’s leadership, Clearwave is now equipped to help high-growth practices, in Georgia and across the nation, stay competitive and boost patient acquisition.

“Beyond supporting the evolution of Clearwave, Lamb has fostered a strong company culture in a time of unprecedented change, leading through a pandemic, healthcare industry shifts and economic uncertainty,” said his staff.

Despite these challenges, the company was named to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s List of 2023 Metro Atlanta Top Workplaces and has achieved an 83% employee engagement rate, which has increased yearly since 2020. Lamb was also named to the list of Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2023 by The Software Report, has published articles across various publications, including Physician’s Practice and has taken part in industry events and webinars to discuss healthcare practice marketing, digital innovation and revenue growth.

Lamb said that leading with adaptability and strong communication skills has helped address the challenges of managing work-from-home employees. “When managing a hybrid workforce, I think it’s important to have heightened empathy and effective remote communication skills,” said Lamb. “Leaders must ensure team cohesion and productivity despite physical distances.”

That’s why Lamb is visible at virtual meetings, conducts morning chats and company town halls and focuses on building a positive company culture.

“You can’t underscore the importance of resilience and the capacity to maintain a strong organizational culture in a virtual environment, which is something we always strive toward at Clearwave,” said Lamb.

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Beyond working in the Healthcare industry and leading a Metro Atlanta Top Workplace of 2023 as CEO, I also enjoy performing shows with my band, M80 in the local area. While it may or may not be a superpower, I enjoy the atmosphere of playing guitar and singing with M80!


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