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Lisa Winton Winton Machine Company

Lisa Winton

Chief Executive Officer

Winton Machine Company

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 1998

Industry: Machine

As a leader, Lisa Winton, CEO of Winton Machine, said she wants to be remembered for the positive impact she has had on others’ lives. “My legacy should reflect the difference I’ve made in people’s hearts and the world, rather than the mere things that I’ve accomplished,” said the Titan 100 Hall of Famer. “My hope is to leave behind a legacy of kindness and service, leaving the world a little brighter through the lives I’ve touched.”

Winton Machine Company is a manufacturing firm with the mission to design and build machinery that adds value to each customer’s bottom line while providing a stable and healthy environment for all team members. Winton designs and manufactures a wide range of tube fabrication and semi-rigid coax fabrication machinery that enables its customers to fabricate tubular parts for their products. The company’s machines are found in manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Winton spent her early career in management, buying and planning before partnering with George Winton to create Winton Machine Company in the basement of their home, assembling in their garage with an office in a spare bedroom upstairs. For the next 25 years, the company grew, moving facilities five times, and now has more than 500 customers in 37 U.S. states and 13 countries.

As a dedicated advocate for manufacturing, Winton persists in championing the industry across various spheres from the educational arena to recruiting and mentoring women in manufacturing. “My fervor for advancing the manufacturing sector and fortifying a sustainable workforce in the United States amplifies continually,” she said.

Her commitment involves actively promoting internship and apprenticeship programs, not only within the state of Georgia but also on a national scale. “It’s my mission to propagate awareness about the myriad job opportunities available in manufacturing,” said Winton. “I am resolute in my efforts to galvanize support for these programs, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping a robust and skilled workforce.”

It’s why she continues to work with the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute to engage in advocacy with regards to education reform, the enhancement of research and development incentives, immigration reform and the alleviation of cumbersome regulations impeding the growth of small manufacturers.

When providing advice to the future generation of titans, Winton stresses that looking back on the past isn’t about dwelling but rather acknowledging the valuable lessons learned and the substantial growth achieved. “Each experience, whether good or bad, can be harnessed as an opportunity to inspire positive change in someone else’s journey,” she said. “This outlook not only empowers personal growth but also propels us toward becoming catalysts for transformative change in the lives of others.”

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“My fervor for advancing the manufacturing sector and fortifying a sustainable workforce in the United States amplifies continually.”


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