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Julita Sanders - Juvenile Offender Advocate Inc.

Julita Sanders

Founder & CEO

Juvenile Offender Advocate Inc.

Location: Athens

Founded: 2020

Industry: Nonprofit

According to Julita Sanders, one of the most important leadership skills are flexibility and being adaptable to change, which is key in her role as the founder and CEO of Juvenile Offender Advocate Inc. “I have learned that working with my client population, I have to meet them where they are,” she said.

Juvenile Offender Advocate Inc. (JOA) is a nonprofit organization that works with at-risk youth to compassionately and effectively facilitate the rehabilitation and transformation needed for juvenile offenders to become responsible citizens and redirect the path of their lives. JOA’s mission is to advocate for juvenile offenders and lower the recidivism rate by holding all parties accountable while fostering positive relationships through community collaboration.

In the past year, Sanders, a second-time Titan 100, said she has ramped up efforts to partner with more organizations in the community. In addition to an already established partnership with Goodwill of North Georgia, the nonprofit partnered with Morehouse School of Medicine.

“This partnership allows our advocates and board members to gain certification in Justice Involved Life Coaching through Morehouse School of Medicine,” said Sanders. “Having positive productive relationships with community members can build trust and partnerships based on your name and work ethics,” said Sanders.

Under Sanders’ leadership, the organization also partnered with REFORM Alliance to assist them with tapping into serving youth who are reentering into society by providing them life skills classes and resources and hosted an annual fundraising event, raising over $20,0000.

Looking forward, Sanders said she and her team are working to double the current intake capacity and service surrounding counties by adding more administrative staff and training new advocates. “I had to think of new innovative ways to keep our clients and their parents encouraged,” she said. “We had to first change their mindset in order for them to be ready to receive all of the free services we offer.”

After reflecting about the changing market and ways to keep clients engaged, Sanders has changed the way the organization accepts referrals into the program. “I want to keep everyone who serves my clients accountable for making some type of positive change or influence for the youth,” she said.

Sanders also continues to make positive change as a mentor to others. She currently mentors three individuals and has involved them in local service projects. “For me, grooming the next generation of titans is important,” she said. “It confirms that what I’m doing is what I was put on this earth to do – serve and advocate.”

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Did you know?

My secret superpower could be the ability to empathize deeply with the young individuals I support. Empathy is a powerful skill that enables me to connect with juvenile offenders on a personal level, understanding their struggles, challenges, and perspectives. This superpower allows me to build trust, communicate effectively, and advocate passionately for their rights and well-being. My capacity to see beyond the surface and genuinely understand the experiences of those I advocate for can make a significant positive impact on their lives within the legal system.


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