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Jp James Hive Financial Assets

JP James

Chairman & CEO

Hive Financial Assets

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2017

Industry: Finance

Over the past year, operating in the dynamic lending space has taught JP James, chairman of Hive Financial Assets, a crucial leadership lesson – the art of pacing team expansion. “In an industry with numerous moving parts, scaling is inevitable, but the key is to execute it with empathy and caution,” said James. “The most significant takeaway has been the importance of allowing the team to acclimate to new personalities, roles and evolving responsibilities that align with our business needs.”

Hive Financial Assets is a fixed income fund that capitalizes lenders focusing on the micro-finance U.S. marketplace. Providing balance sheet financing to consumer lenders, Hive provides a safe, diversified and consistent return to its investors on a quarterly basis with a team comprised of seasoned managers and owners of lending, credit modeling, analytics and investment firms.

To ensure a smooth transition with the growth of the company, since he was named a 2023 Titan 100, James has prioritized onboarding and mentoring and emphasizing quality over quantity when it comes to hiring.

“Recognizing that the strength of our company lies in our culture and workforce, I made it a priority to foster an environment that values collaboration, innovation and employee well-being,” said James. “Despite a threefold increase in our headcount, I ensured that the core of our company culture remained intact, creating a workplace where individuals feel empowered and inspired to contribute to the highest of their abilities.”

James was also instrumental in spearheading strategic initiatives to propel substantial growth in the company’s assets under management (AUM) that resulted in an increase to just under $100 million within the past year. “This accomplishment not only attests to our financial acumen but also positions our company as a formidable player in the industry, garnering trust and confidence from clients and stakeholders alike,” he said.

In steering Hive Financial Assets, a pivotal initiative for James involved bolstering the financial foundation by strategically ramping up capital while intensifying efforts to onboard top-tier talent and leadership. Scaling goes beyond numbers, said James. It also involves cultivating a collaborative and empathetic culture, he said. That’s why he conducts a Monthly Morale survey, has launched a Book of the Month program and encourages leaders to dedicate a few hours each week to coaching team members.

“To prepare the next generation of leaders, we emphasize comprehensive training across all departments,” said James. “Understanding the interconnectedness of roles and how individual contributions impact long-term goals is integral to leadership development.”

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