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Jay Matthews Prosponsive Logistics

Jay Matthews


Prosponsive Logistics

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 1997

Industry: Transportation \ Logistics

Following a yearlong exploration into the intricacies of leadership, Jay Matthews said it became clear that the foundational keystones of effective leadership are rooted in self-awareness and self-leadership.

“It’s similar to laying the foundation or groundwork before constructing a building – you must intimately understand the blueprint to guide the construction process successfully,” he said. “This introspective journey is about shedding the layers of façade and embracing an unvarnished truth that becomes the bedrock of authentic leadership.”

Authentic leadership is critical for Matthews in his role as the president of Prosponsive Logistics, an award-winning industry leader in strategic supply chain solutions and third-party logistics service, fueled by the industry’s top talent and technology.

In navigating the challenges of the transportation industry throughout 2023, Matthews, a second-year Titan 100, said that the firm has encountered a landscape marked by diminished nationwide freight volumes, resulting in hardships for many companies in its sector.

“As the leader of our organization, my primary achievement has been steering our team through this tumultuous period with resilience, great care and strategic foresight, while keeping each of my team members’ mental health front of mind so they can always be their best,” said Matthews. “Despite the industry downturn, our team has displayed remarkable positivity, dedication and resilience, allowing us to sustain momentum even in the face of formidable obstacles.”

Despite the obstacles within the industry, Matthews said the company has maintained a solid financial standing, managed to uphold a debt-free status and secure robust earnings. “The financial stability not only positions us to weather the current storm, but also opens avenues of opportunity for every member of our team,” he said. “Personally, witnessing the team’s resilience and the financial strength we’ve maintained amid adversity fills me with a profound sense of pride.”

Prosponsive Logistics has also forged ahead, establishing three new branches in the Southeast markets in 2023 with another branch set to open in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2024. “While many in our industry are pulling back, our approach has been to forge ahead boldly,” said Matthews. “While others are hitting the brakes, we’re stepping on the gas.”

In order to continue growth and success, Matthews said his leadership will focus on fostering opportunities for the growth of every team member under his watch. “Success, for me, is not a solitary pursuit, but an inclusive journey where the ascent of my team members is a constant priority,” he said. “It’s not just about climbing the career ladder; it’s about equipping them with the skills and mindset to overcome challenges and cultivate resilience throughout their career.”

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Did you know?

Jay Matthews possesses a remarkable superpower – the ability to seamlessly blend his operationally and financially focused mindset with an innate talent for nurturing those around him.

What sets Jay apart is his genuine commitment to the development of his team. With a natural knack for instilling trust and authentic leadership, he creates an environment where individuals feel valued and heard. Jay’s superpower lies in empowering his team, not just by delegating tasks but by providing mentorship and opportunities for professional growth. He understands that true success is not just about the company’s bottom line but about elevating the careers of those around him.

Jay’s leadership is a beacon of accountability, fostering a culture where team members are not just contributors but active participants in the company’s success. His superpower lies in the harmonious fusion of financial acumen and authentic leadership, guiding both the operational and personal aspects of Prosponsive Logistics toward new heights of success.


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