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Heather Robertson Fortner Signaturefd

Heather Robertson Fortner

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Atlanta

Founded: 1997

Industry: Financial Services, Wealth Management

Heather Robertson Fortner said she believes that once someone has broken the glass ceiling, it is the duty of that person to bring others along. It’s why she is on the front lines, mentors others, elevates her team to positions of leadership and empowers female employees by helping them chart new paths.

“My superpower is helping others identify what matters most to them and use their unique gifts to live their purpose,” said Robertson Fortner. This superpower has been instrumental in her role as chair of the board and CEO of SignatureFD.

SignatureFD is a wealth management and financial planning firm with a philosophy called Net Worthwhile, which embraces the idea that wealth goes beyond money and should be activated to live in close alignment with one’s values. Net Worthwhile empowers people to use all elements of their wealth for a financial design that helps them grow, protect, give and live their wealth to the fullest.

Since becoming a 2023 Titan 100, Heather Robertson Fortner is most proud of her contributions to the company’s growth and the impact created for the firm’s clients and community. Her strategic vision and leadership have seen the firm’s AUM grow by more than $1 billion and has grown the firm’s revenue by 14% over the last fiscal year.

“Heather’s belief that financially healthy families can change the world has led to SignatureFD’s reach increasingly expanding, seeing the firm’s client base grow to over 1,700 families,” said her staff.

Robertson Fortner’s philosophy, called Net Worthwhile, focuses on the intersection of wealth and well-being. This human-centric approach has helped the firm maintain a 97% client retention rate, exceeding industry standards.

Robertson Fortner’s commitment to helping others live in alignment with their values and purposes has allowed her and her team to make a significant impact on the Atlanta community through a philanthropic initiative – SignatureGIVING – which provides employees with the resources to support the causes they feel most strongly about. Since its inception, the initiative has led to donations of more than $325,000 to charitable partners with staff donating more than 500 volunteer hours.

According to Robertson Fortner, leadership means taking risks every day – big and small – in pursuit of innovation and growth. “The best leaders are those who fearlessly chart new territories while prioritizing empathy and constant learning,” she said. “We prioritize care for our clients and grace for our team so we can emerge stronger.”

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My superpower is helping others identify what matters most to them and use their unique gifts to live their purpose.


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