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Gracie Ortiz Dataseers

Gracie Ortiz

Chief Operations Officer


Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2017

Industry: FinTEch

Over the past two years, Gracie Ortiz, a Titan 100 Hall of Famer, has been able to successfully grow and manage a profit and loss with over a million in EBITDA. “Especially in this market with the upcoming layoffs and many fintechs that are closing their doors, we are growing profitably without raising capital,” she said.

Ortiz joined the small, Georgia-based startup in 2021 as just its 14th employee. Under her leadership, DataSeers has grown to include 80 employees in the U.S. and 40 more in India, while its number of product users has more than tripled.

DataSeers is a fintech/regtech company that works in the field of financial services providing a software to banks, credit unions and other fintechs. DataSeers’ platform is aimed to help financial institutions catch fraud fast, identify patterns of money laundering and human trafficking by following money.

Ortiz said her 5-year vision is to revolutionize the global financial services industry by providing innovative, secure and customer-centric fintech solutions. She and her team plan to expand its customer base and the number of active users, continue to enhance its technological infrastructure, develop groundbreaking AI-driven tools and forge strategic partnerships. In addition, Ortiz plans to continue fostering a company culture that attracts, retains and develops top talent, emphasizing diversity, inclusion and continuous learning.

“My mission is to leverage my skills, knowledge and passion for what we do in the fintech industry to create solutions that empower individuals and communities in various ways that they do not become criminals or victims of financial crimes but help thwart such crimes,” she said. “In my professional endeavors, I am dedicated to advancing financial literacy and inclusion, providing tools and resources that enable economic empowerment.”

As a leader, Ortiz is also focused on cultivating a legacy of mentorship, nurturing the next generation of fintech pioneers and professionals. “I aim to set an example of resilience, adaptability and strategic foresight, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation,” she said.

As a mentor, Ortiz encourages others to cultivate a clear and compelling vision for the future, one that inspires others and drives progress. “Visionary leaders are often those who receive recognition because they can see beyond the horizon and lead others toward new possibilities,” she said. “Encourage others to be authentic; genuine leaders who are true to themselves and their values inspire trust and loyalty in their followers.”

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“Encourage others to be authentic; genuine leaders who are true to themselves and their values inspire trust and loyalty in their followers.”


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