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Elizabeth Garvish - Garvish Immigration Law Group LLC

Elizabeth Garvish


Garvish Immigration Law Group LLC

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 2011

Industry: Law

Earlier in her career, Elizabeth Garvish found herself at a big law firm and was faced with being her authentic self or conforming and becoming someone else to please those around her. She was told she did not fit and was encouraged to suppress her true talents to be someone else. “I am a wiz at client development, and they failed to recognize this strength,” she said. “I knew I was meant for something different and being someone else to fit into a job and please my superiors seemed wrong.”

Garvish had the courage to quit that job and go on to create her current law firm. “I get to practice law with love every day and live my passion,” she said. “I had to have the courage to leave a stable position in BigLaw and start over with the belief in myself that I was meant for more in order to create the life of my dreams.” That dream included founding Garvish Immigration Law Group.

Garvish Immigration Law Group is a global immigration law firm representing employers and individuals throughout the U.S. immigration process.

Since she was named a 2023 Titan 100, Garvish said the law firm has had amazing successes with green card and visa approvals. “We fought back after wrongful decisions and were triumphant for our clients,” she said. “Our team continues to grow and transform as people and our revenues are the highest we have ever had.”

Garvish also recently chaired a Business Law conference at the State Bar of Georgia and speaks on legal topics often to ensure that other attorneys have learning opportunities and a community of legal experts to rely on in her subject matter. She is active in the Entrepreneurs Organization, too.

“I want to collaborate with other leaders in this field who also want change and create programming that will inform and teach legal professionals past, present and future that we can be happy lawyers and we can create environments where lawyers and legal professionals and staff can thrive,” said Garvish.

As a leader, Garvish said she relies on trust. “For me to be happy and for the team to be happy, we need to understand who we are as individuals,” she said. “Finding those team members who have the skills and strengths that I don’t have and trusting them to take on these functions has been invaluable – letting go is growth.”

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I think my secret super power is believing in myself. No matter how many people doubt me or the obstacles that appear in front of me, my heart and inner knowing and self belief guides me. I know that everything is happening for me not against me and that I am the creator of my life. I encourage those around me to believe in themselves as well. This collective belief and confidence makes us stronger enough to overcome anything.


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