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Dr. Eloisa Klementich Invest Atlanta

Dr. Eloisa Klementich

President & CEO

Invest Atlanta

Location: Atlanta

Founded: 1976

Industry: Government

When in high school, a teacher asked Dr. Eloisa Klementich what she wanted to do when she grew up. “I did not hesitate when I answered that I wanted to travel around the world, speak many languages,” said Klementich. “Since high school, I have been striving to find ways to help people.”

Klementich began combining her skills with a quest to help people in an economic role in California where she created a small business strategy. “I was trying to discover what businesses and community members really needed and I understood then that I could not presume to know their challenges, wants and needs unless I heard from them directly.”

In this role, Klementich learned that people are eager to share their thoughts and want to be heard while wanting to be a part of the solution. She continues to engage with individuals, businesses and communities as the president and CEO of Invest Atlanta.

Invest Atlanta is the City of Atlanta’s economic development authority with a mission to advance Atlanta’s global competitiveness by growing a strong economy, building vibrant communities and increasing economic prosperity for all Atlantans.

“I lead Invest Atlanta with a passion and commitment to not only supply needed services, tools and resources, but also to create opportunities and new possibilities,” said Klementich. “I believe that as Invest Atlanta becomes much more efficient and effective, we can scale our services and help even more people.”

Under Klementich’s leadership, the organization has reorganized to work through the lens of advancing equity. “Each and every program at Invest Atlanta is rooted in advancing equity – whether it’s providing resources to launch a business, addressing housing affordability or supporting organizations that work to revitalize neighborhoods,” she said.

Klementich was instrumental in commissioning Atlanta’s first economic development strategy driven by economic mobility and led the integration of Atlanta’s workforce development agency and Women’s Entrepreneurship initiative programs.

During Klementich’s time at Invest Atlanta, the agency facilitated the creation of 9,402 affordable housing units, 41,789 new full-time jobs, $7.1 million in small business funding and $8 billion of new capital investment in the city. The organization also launched a $1.5 million grant program that offers funding to bring grocers and other kinds of healthy food providers to neighborhoods that lack access.

Her efforts have landed Klementich recognition and honors including being named one of the City’s Most Powerful Leaders and named to the Atlanta 500.

“As economic development professionals, we do not get into this business for the money, recognition or the demanding schedule,” said Klementich. “We do this work to help people see a brighter future for themselves, their families and for future generations.”

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Empathy. I believe in meeting with every individual, listening to their concerns and together finding the most equitable path forward. People know when you are being sincere; for this economic development work, you must lead with heart and passion.


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