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Demond Crump Jewel Sanitary Napkins Llc

Demond Crump

Co-Founder & CEO

Jewel Sanitary Napkins LLC

Location: McDonough

Founded: 2019

Industry: Feminine Hygiene

As the co-founder and CEO of REIGN Premium Sanitary Napkins, Demond Crump said he always asked why a man is involved in the selling and promotion of women feminine products. “There was a clear-cut vision on what I saw in terms of this industry and we took the bulls by the horn and began to lead from the front for women and young girls from around the world who were suffering in silence on a monthly basis,” he said. “Now, we have popularized and made it cool for men to be involved with the menstruation process in the lives of the women and young girls that they love and care about.”

REIGN Premium Sanitary Napkins is a company that has products in the feminine hygiene space. The company’s products are infused with the Nobel Prize winning material, Graphene, and contain a super absorbent, absorbency system that keep women and young girls comfortable and dry.

Crump and his family have been entrepreneurs since 1994 when he finished his service in the U.S. Navy. “My entire journey has been entrepreneurship and during that time, I did everything, and I was proud to say it, but I was also constantly burning myself out,” he said.

As a second-year Titan 100, Crump said that his greatest leadership lesson this year has been to allow people to do their jobs uninhibited. “To be honest, it was challenging at first, but now it’s a sense of relief to know I don’t have to be everything to everyone,” he said. “I have learned to trust them in decision making for the company and trusting that they know their job.”

Under Crump’s leadership, the firm is in the process of building a brand-new 12,000-foot corporate office and warehouse on the South side of Atlanta and launching a new product line this fall for its customer base. Crump has been instrumental in leading partnerships with schools while teaching leadership and entrepreneurship. The company is also expanding its international footprint and is registered in Nigeria, Canada and Jamaica with Mexico and Colombia registrations in process.

In addition, Crump has hosted several Entrepreneur Empowerment Summits. “Growing up in New Orleans, I knew what it was like being an up-and-coming entrepreneur with no guidance or mentorship,” he said. “I made it a point once we became successful to have it high on my list to give back in the form of business mentorship to the next generation of titans.”

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My superpower is bringing people together. Networking and creating networking events has been a strength of mine throughout my business career. I have been hosting Entrepreneur Empowerment Summits all across the U.S. Some of our cities have been New Orleans, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale. We are preparing for an event in Miami for 1, 500 entrepreneurs attending from all over the world.


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